Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's good to see you smile...

This is what my sweet hubby whispered in my ear this morning when I hugged him goodbye as we were each heading off to work.

We had been talking about yesterdays bible reading, the news, etc. (our regular morning discussions as we are getting ready) and I guess something made me smile.

Apparently, it has been awhile since I smiled. That would mean it has been quite noticeable that I haven't been myself as of late. But thanks to all your encouraging words, heartfelt prayers, and a thoughtful gift from my Mr. last night, I feel like I am starting to be myself again.

Here is what Kev came home with last night.He said when he saw it, he knew I would want to read it since I loved Little Women so much.
(He also said it would be better than what I am reading right now...I started Wuthering Heights-I am only 2-3 chapters into it so far, I find myself too tired to read at night lately!)

How did I get blessed with such a thoughtful guy!?!

Last weekend's wedding was wonderful,
the play tryouts were fantastic,
this week is full again...
I have play practice tonight,
and two weddings this weekend,
so I may not have a chance to write again for awhile....


before another moment goes by I wanted to say


for all your sweet and encouraging words of wisdom and your prayers!

It has been felt by me, and I know that I am blessed to have you all in my life!

You are all so wonderful!!

(P.S. check out this post, it is an encouraging read!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Something is not right...

Something's very wrong!

(I used to love reading Madeline books, I even remember watching a Madeline cartoon that had this song at one point, I think the nun sings/says it when Madeline is sick in the night or something, that comes into my head every time I think/say "something is not right!")

I am not normally an emotional person.

Just ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you. I am pretty much happy all the time, and I don't really get emotional about anything. (Except Hallmark and Publix holiday commercials, those things bring tears to my eyes every time!!)

Along with the fact that I don't really get emotional about things, if I do get upset about something, I am over it in about 0.2 seconds and forget about the entire matter in another 3.

So lately, my tendency to get overwhelmed/frustrated/annoyed is getting to me.

What is my deal?

I am like a ticking time bomb at work, and




annoys the heck out of me.

I feel like I am constantly overwhelmed.

This morning on my way into work I nearly cried, and after getting there I had a minor melt-down (luckily it was witnessed only by my dad) because of a simple matter.

I don't like being that girl who is so easily annoyed/angry. The only thing that used to annoy me (and more in a funny ha ha that's annoying kind of way) was when other people were so easily upset!

As I was thinking about this a bit more today here is what I came up with...

I think it is all finally getting to me:

So I have big deal...change my diet, deal with the issues, laugh it off or just ignore it whenever possible...

Still happy-go-lucky me!

So I have big deal...spend a ton of money, while exposing myself to more people than anyone should, have everyone you know pray for you, just try forgetting all about it for awhile and living life to the fullest...

Still happy-go-lucky me!

Fill my schedule WAY TOO FULL, have a few bad days (IC-wise), come to the realization that although we are over 4 years into this reality, I am still no closer to being able to do to what every women naturally is supposed to be able to do (I am pretty much a failure as a women!), and you get...

Overwhelmed-easily annoyed-tired all the time me!

I want the happy-go-lucky me back!

I miss her.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Fever

Lately I feel like I eat, sleep, and breath weddings.

I LOVE it, but it can get a bit overwhelming.

I feel bad for Kevin, I can barely get anything done around the house (Kev had to do most of the cleaning over the weekend) because I am gone all the time. (This last weekend it was actually for tryouts for the play I am helping with this summer. ) When I do have a spare moment, all I want to do is zone out in front of the tube.

Which brings me to my latest obsession...

Criminal Minds.

Does anyone else watch this show?

I don't know why, but I love this show!

I especially like Matthew Gray Gubler's character, Dr. Spencer Reid.

I only recently found it and Kevin is getting worried about the amount of time I have spent watching this show over the past two weeks. But there are years and years that I have missed that I need to catch up on!! (And I just read when I was finding a link for this post that it is on three nights a week on A&E!!)

In other news...Mom took Kels and I out to see "Letters to Juliet" last night.
I was so sweet, and I loved the girl time!! (Thanks marmee!!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Graduation Day

My sister Kelsey is graduating from KSU today.

I am so proud of her.

College was not an easy road for her, she ended up going to several different schools, and was interrupted by a one year stay in Africa when she first got married, but she came back and got to work and finished her degree with top honors.

(Magna Cum Laude-way to go Kels!!)

I have been so busy with weddings lately I haven't really done much sewing, (and I am missing it!) but I did spend my evening in the sewing room last night and made something for my little sis.
I purchased this fabric online ages ago. Kels collects license plates...I knew I had to have it and make something for her as soon as I saw it!Congrats Kelsey!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Writing Jane Austen

I finished my new book yesterday evening when I got home from work.
I had started it earlier last week, but I was so exhausted when I got home from work every day last week, and had a wedding Saturday evening, so I was only able to get a few chapters into the book until Sunday, when I was able to get some nice reading time in. (I read in the car while Kev & I went to visit his mom and grandma, and then later met my mom, dad, sister, brother in law & one of their friends to watch Iron Man 2.) I was up late Sunday night reading away, but had to put it down since Monday morning's work alarm was quickly approaching.

It was a nice read, fairly quick and easy. It was the first book from Elizabeth Aston (at least that I have read) that was set in modern times.

It is about a young American author, living in London, that has to take a job that her agent gets for her, even though she REALLY doesn't want to take it, because she needs the money to be able to stay in London. She has been hired to finish a book that was supposedly started by Jane Austen and had been lost all this time.

The book could have been longer in my opinion, I wanted to get to know the characters a bit more, however the book only covers a small time-frame, because that is all the young author has to finish this commission, and so we follow along with her as she takes on this challenge she is in denial about.

I don't think I liked it as much as the 6 Darcy books that Aston has written, but it was cute and light and easy. (Which I love...especially after the last one I read, which was quite a different story altogether!) I am (obviously) not one that has any problem with all the Austen spin-offs. In this book the author is doing a ton of research on Austen and meets some of the wide variety of Austen fans along the way. I enjoyed that. Someday I would like to make a trip to England and visit some of the spots that Jane Austen lived and wrote.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catching my breath!

I have finally done it.

I knew that this would happen eventually...

I pretty much always say yes to everything.

It is as if I don't know how to say no.

Now I have reached a point where I think I have officially overwhelmed myself.

I like to stay busy, but I think I may have pushed the envelope a little too much.
(And my weekly responsibilities haven't even all started yet!)

It is CRAZY busy as work (like I just want to quit busy-but that is better than being slow-it is just that I can feel the stress pushing down on me constantly and it wears me out!)

Wedding season has begun, which means most weekends are full.
(Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I absolutely LOVE it, I am just tired from being so busy!! Or maybe I am getting OLD!!)

Starting next weekend, I will also have play tryouts/practice/etc. twice a week that I am completely responsible for the music portion. -YIKES-

And I am still trying to fit some sewing time in there whenever I can.
I really need to work on some projects for upcoming events (graduation, birthday's, babies, etc.) and some basic sewing that I still haven't done for the house. (bed ruffle, duvet, curtains, etc.)(I finally got around to quilting mom's sudoku quilt and gave it to her!)
(and more fabric...I know, I know, I was just saying I had enough...but apparently I can't say no to a good deal on cute fabric!)

Last weekend I actually had some free time (since it didn't work out for me to go up to Indy with my parents to visit my Grandparents) so I worked in the sewing room pretty much all day on Saturday and then went to the AMQG May meeting on Sunday at Whipstitch. (We went to Flip after the meeting and met the owner!!)

Then Sunday evening Kev & I ran up to Home Depot and finally checked another project off the to do list! He bought and installed a new kitchen faucet for me!!In case I don't say it often enough
(like when I am thinking how much I want to kill him since he has me doing this horrible INSANITY workout!!)
I sure do LOVE my guy!!

Another bright point...
After a long day at work I do have something to help me relax...
before I fall asleep from exhaustion!
I bought a new book by Elizabeth Aston last week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful flowers (In MY yard!?!?!)

I don't have a green thumb.

In no way, shape or form does anyone (in their right mind) consider me a gardener type.

I can't seem to keep anything alive when it comes to plants,

I am like the grim reaper of plant life...when they see me, they know their time is up!

Yet somehow, there are beautiful flowers on the side of my house!

My neighbor gave them to me ages ago.
(They were splitting them up and moving them around and had extra, so they sent them over to me.)

I planted them in my yard and pretty much forgot about them. They have been there for years, and I don't remember them flowering before, maybe I just missed them, but last weekend Kevin called me outside and said I HAD to come look at something.

This was my beautiful welcoming to the side of our house!Wow!God amazes me with the simple things sometimes!
How beautiful!

(Just don't pay attention to the yard in that last picture! Yuck! I am not sure why the grass doesn't want to grow there!)