Monday, March 1, 2010

My recent reading material...

We are back from DC, and back to regular busy life, so who knows when I will have a chance to going through and posting all the pictures from out trip, but I figured I should go ahead and post a note about the books I read while we were there. (This was at the American History Museum, just thought I would stick this in here for you to drool over, what amazing quilting!!)

I got to read another one of my favs, a Lisa Scottoline book. (I sure do love her!!) In fact I got an email from Borders that she has a new one coming out soon and I am really excited about that!! I have read two of hers within the past two weeks...I just can't get enough!! My grandma is actually the one that introduced me to her work, and I am so glad she did!! But, that is not what I am going to write about. I am wanting to write about the other book I read last week while in DC, that would be Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange.

I bought this book at Christmas to give to my sister, to hold her over while I finished reading these books, which were her REAL Christmas gift, but I was trying to get them read before I gave them to her! I really enjoyed this book! I like reading different versions and spinoffs of the wonderful Austen classic Pride and Prejudice, but I think that my favorite, the ones I actually could think of as being the real story of the Darcy family is the series by Elizabeth Aston.
As usual, I really don't know what to say about this book, without the risk of giving away the ending, so I will just say, if you like Austen, and you like vampires, go ahead and give this one a read. It is a fairly fast read, so I won't take much of your time!! I thought this book was a great love story, showing how much Mr. Darcy really does love Elizabeth!! It gives you a different take on why exactly Mr. Darcy was so proud! It took me a bit to get into the book, but that might have something to do with the fact that I read it right after finishing two different Lisa Scottoline ones, which are a completely different type of book from a regency style romance!!
Along with the theme of books, I got three from the library today! (I had ordered them before I left and they came in while I was gone, so I had to pick them up today!!) I got two more Austen spinoffs by Joan Aiken and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I actually need to read another library book first, because it is due this I will have to wait just a bit more efore I can start these, but I am excited to read them!

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