Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chicago (Part 1)

Last weekend Mom, Dad, Mare & I drove
(yes, I said DROVE)
up to Chicago for a wedding.
(We were in the city for 24 hours!! Basically 24 hours of driving for 24 hours in Chicago!!)
It was for my mom's best friend (since she was a teenager) Marcia's son.
It was another weekend FULL of driving...but it was FUN!
I tried to catch up on my Bible reading...
(I have gotten a bit behind schedule the past few weeks!)
I listed to some tunes...and slept...when Sleeping Beauty wasn't hogging the seat!!
I loved passing all the farms, neat old barns and homes, etc. Somehow I didn't end up with any pictures except of the Windmill farm we passed!We got off work early on Friday and made it up to G&G Binkley's in Indianapolis to catch some ZZZ's. Then we got up and going early on Saturday morning and drove into Chicago!!
(I have only been to Chicago once before, and that was to meet Marcia, and two of her daughter's, for a girls weekend. That was also during Taste of Chicago-which was going on again...and will be until 7/4!! I love it...more to come about our 24 hours in Chicago soon!!)I also finished this lovely book over the weekend. I would recommend it for sure! It is a tearjerker, but it is good!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend at the lake house

Actually, let me make that phrase more accurate...

21 hours at the lake house.

(With about 13 hours on the road!!)
Mom, Mare, Kev & I drove up to my Aunt Jan and Uncle Ron's lake house in Kentucky Saturday afternoon. (We left around 2pm on Saturday and got up there around 9ish.)

Once we got in we had a late dinner and stayed up until after 1AM visiting.

Sunday (which was Father's day, but our daddy is in India, so instead we spent the day with our Aunt and Uncle) we got up and going (well, it was early for Kevin as least!) and got to spend the day out on their boat. Kev, Ron and Mare went out on the jet ski's, Jan and I stayed inside at that point to visit some more-and because mom and I were already BURNT! Why is it that I always seem to get burnt these days? (If I get the chance to get in the sun at all that is...most of the time I am just whiter-than-white!!)

Here are a few pictures from our time on the lake!

Mare & Mom-so cute in her Brazilian hat!!
Mary skiing!
Uncle Ron-the captain!!
Kevin tubing
Me skiing
(It has been awhile...I can feel it today!!)
I think Kev was trying to get us killed when Mare and I were tubing, you can see how the story goes...

We start off smiling
still having fun at this point...
starting to get thrown around some, but still smiling...
OK, really you can slow down now...

OMG we are going to die...
Mare help me I am holding on for dear life here...
I think Kev enjoyed this WAY too much...he was at the back of the boat-watching us and laughing his butt off the entire time!!! (I hope he enjoyed the laugh-fest while it lasted because when Kevin's turn came...the tube (and Kevin) flipped over twice and then he flew off!! Too funny!!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Years

Monday was our 7th wedding anniversary!
7 years!!
We just went super low key this year, with a quiet evening at home together after work. (Although I think we should have gone all out, we have made it past the 7 year itch mark, that is something to celebrate right!?!)
These (and all pictures above) are the lovely flowers Kev brought home to me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hardin

I need to get to bed, since I have to be up in a few hours for work, but I wanted to share a shot or two of what Kev and I were up to this weekend.

I was the wedding coordinator for our "sister" Kelli's wedding this weekend and Kevin did the photography.

(Picture of us in action stolen from Aubrey's facebook page...Thanks!)

What a gorgeous bride

and a handsome groom.
They make such a fantastic couple!

It was a pleasure to be a part of their special day! We love you and are so exicted for you as you start your new life together as husband and wife!
(Now we just need to get to work editing all the pictures. Hopefully we will be able to get to it soon so we can get the pictures to the happy new couple!!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Party fun

I didn't work this weekend, but I kept myself really busy!

Saturday afternoon (into evening) we went to a triple-celebration birthday party for Betsy, Canaan and Ani at Dane and Ellen's.
Mare came home with me that night and helped me prepare for the Shower we hosted for Kelli Sunday afternoon.
Then the whole family came over and we went to Lance's wedding. (It was weird being at a wedding that I wasn't working at...I kept thinking about everything that needed to be done next!) It was at a really quaint place in Douglasville. I would love to work there...such a beautiful setting!Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!