Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Precision Piecing Class

First a little note about my Saturday. After a full morning of baking, (I made zucchini bread and chocolate chip cookies & cookie bars!) I had two wedding meetings in Cartersville. I was looking at the location (with the Brides mom) for a wedding in May, and going over some details about flowers, decor, etc at 4, then at 6 I had a meeting with a bride about final details, etc. for a Dec 31st wedding at Stonewall Manor.
As I am leaving my first meeting (with 30 minutes to spare) my car wouldn't start! This happened to me a few weeks ago, so I replaced my battery...then it happened again, but I was at work, and my boss just jumped me off and all was well. That weekend Kevin looked at it for me and said a connection was loose, he tightened it, and showed me how to and that was that.
Well, I completely forgot about the whole tightening the loose connection thing and just sat there dumbfounded and a bit angry. Then I got my act together and checked to see if I could find my jumper cables...nope they aren't in my car, great! So then I called my family (since the don't live too far away) to see if they could come jump me or pick me up, thankfully Mary was close by and came over.
However, in the meantime I looked up the second brides number to let her know I would be a few minutes late to our meeting and saw that our meeting was actually at 5, not 6!!! How did I do that, I am not sure, but I called and apologized and let her know I would be there as soon as I could, and she was sweet and said she had met with Penni and gone over most things, and was going to look around with her photographer and would see me when I got there.
Then I called Kev, who in turn yelled at me for not remembering about the tool he gave me and the whole tightening the loose connection thing (He says I am irresponsible since I forget everything, I just say I have too much going on to remember everything I am told!!)
The good news is, as Mary was pulling up, I got my car started...which means I went on to my meeting (I was super late for) and she went over and bought the HP7 (part 1) movie tickets so that Kev, Mare & I could all go see it that night after my second meeting!! (Thanks again for the tickets Mary, you're the best!!)
By the way, HP7 (part 1) was fantastic! There was a good amount of time spent setting up for the finale, but I think they did a great job at getting us some action in this film as well. As usual, there is so much missing from the book, but it still tells the story, and I am going to be waiting in anticipation for next July when the final movie will open!!

OK, now on to the point of this blog post...

Sunday I took a Precision Piecing class at Little Quilts in Marietta with a few other ladies from the AtlMQG.

Wanda was our teacher and she was fantastic! (Especially, since she didn't yell at me when I was a few minutes late to class since I had to run by Joannes and pick a few things up, and of course got stuck in a super long line, and the register I went to stopped working so we had to move to another one...which then ran out of receipt paper so I had to wait for it to reboot...on and on until I was late for class!!!)

The block we made (or at least started) was a finished 12" block made up of 9-4 1/2" blocks. (talk about some tiny pieces!)

It was from 12-5, which I thought seemed long for a class, but I didn't even finish my block! We really learned about the importance of measurements...for cutting & sewing so that your block comes out the correct size!!

I had to make 3 center blocks (which should have been the easiest block out of the 9, but I found the hardest!!) and still just had to go with the one that was the closest to being right!!

The corner blocks I didn't have as much issues with, and got all four of them done. I got to use paper templates for that, which I had never done before and thought it was pretty cool!! The last four blocks (which appeared to be the hardest looking, but turned out to be the easiest for me) went together perfectly the first time! I only got two of them sewn together, but I got it all cut, so I was close to being done!

After the class Kev and I met my cousin Sarah and her hubby Colin for dinner. They are in town for the Holidays with his family (they live in Colorado) and later my sister Betsy and her hubby Andy showed up and we all had a great visit.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lost Santas

I am nearly sick to my stomach.

Apparently my Santa Blocks have taken a wrong turn somewhere and have not arrived at their destination.

All that time spent deciding what to do and picking/creating a pattern...

getting the fabric picked out...

cutting the fabric...

sewing and ironing the fabric...

hand sewing on the little eyes and hat pom-pom...

and now they are lost somewhere out there in the mail.

I was asked if I want to just make new blocks and send them in, and I hate to be the person who didn't get their blocks in and ruined the swap, but I just don't have the energy (or the time) to do them all again!

The sewing part took an entire day, an entire day off, which is rare for me, was spent making these little guys, and now they are gone. (Because I stupidly didn't ask for tracking, I have NEVER lost anything in the mail before. It wasn't going overseas, and I sent it priority mail, so I thought it would be fine, but I was wrong!)

Now to see if I can fine the time and energy (and money) to start over and get 12 blocks made and mailed out...they are due 11/27, which seems impossible to me at this moment since every day is booked up between now and then!
If you are in my group for the swap, I am so sorry if I don't get them done, and if I do I apologize that they will be late, because I really have no idea how this is going to get done (for a second time) at all, forget on time!!

So here is my letter to the good ol' post office...

Dear post office and postal employees,

I know this is the start of a really busy season for you, but could you please look into a really important matter for me? It appears my Santas have been lost in your system somewhere. Where did you send my Santas? They were important little guys, and now they are lost. This is such an important time of year for Santa, and he can't afford to be lost in the mail right now. PLEASE find him and send him along his merry way to the address I requested. I would really appreciate it!

Many thanks and Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8 Random Questions Tag

My sister tagged me...so here are my answers. I will not tag anyone else for two reasons: 1)I am not sure if I know 8 other people who blog consistently, and 2)I don't want to have to come up with 8 random questions. (Hello Ms. Lazy, how are you today!)
If I get the motivation by the time I get to the end of this post, I will type them out at the bottom and you can consider yourself tagged if you are reading this and want to respond. (Or just leave it in my comments if you don't want to do an entire blog post.)

Here are the 8 questions:

1.) What is your favorite childhood memory?
I am one of those annoying people who feel like there childhood was as perfect as could be. I could not have asked for better parents or siblings. I grew up in a home with two loving parents and 3 sisters who I still consider my best friends, so I am not sure if I could pick just one memory.
I love all of my childhood, but if I have to pick only one thing, at least at this moment, it would be living in India for three months when I was a teenager. I know that is more than one specific memory, but I can't pick one moment in time. Our lives changed forever, and for the good, in that experience. We were always close, but this made us even closer. I hope that I am able expose my children to such meaningful and amazing experiences when I become a parent.

2.) If you could have any job, what would it be, and why?
My answer is two part. I would be a part time wedding coordinator and a full time mother. I am at least part way here, hopefully the rest will come soon!!!!

3.) What is your favorite sport?

I am really not a sports person. I try to show at least some interest, for my husbands sake, but in reality, I could care less. I guess I like football, because that means Fall is here and the Holidays (my favorite time of year!) are approaching.

4.) Have you ever done something "dangerous" - and how do you define that?

For me daily life is dangerous because I am a klutz, but as far as something daring and adventurous, I am not sure. I had no fears as a child and would try anything. (Climbing just about anything and everything, plus I had no notion of strangers or danger, so I felt safe and comfortable anywhere and everywhere-which could put you in dangerous situations-thankfully I was always with someone else who would keep me from walking right into trouble!)
After breaking my back in a car accident during the summer after my freshman year in college I became a different person in many ways. One of those things that changed about me was my adventurous spirit...I became much more cautious person. (And now that I am approaching the milestone of leaving my 20's and entering my 30's I am becoming even more cautious!!)

5.) What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas, hands down. I love pretty much all of the Holidays, but Christmas is my absolute fave without a doubt!!! I love everything about it, the music, the baking, the time with family, the kindness that is felt in the air. I even enjoy the craziness at the malls and on the road, because I know that is a part of the Holiday season here in the US, so even though it can be frustrating to be stuck in traffic, I can't help but smile!

6.) When is your average bedtime?

I normally am in bed between 11-1 each night. I know that is a 2 hour window, but that is the best average I can give you. I like to be in bed by 11, but that doesn't always happen.

7.) What is your favorite song (right now)?
I don't think I have just one favorite song, but I have already started listening to Christmas music. (I know it is before Thanksgiving, but I can't help it...I love Christmas music!!!)

8.) In one word, describe yourself.
Since I am a wordy person, I am not sure if I could describe myself in one word, that would be a juxtaposition. However, if I must...I guess I would say I am


because, I really am, most of the time, a super happy gal! "I like life, life likes me"...(song from Scrooge) and another song "Happiness" (which we would always fast forward as children watching this movie, because we found it boring!)

OK, So I have answered all of the 8 random questions I was given, now lets see if I have 8 for you...

1) What is the most recent thing that made you smile?
2) What are you craving at this exact moment?
3) Is there a movie you are looking forward to watching in the next few weeks?
4) What is your favorite Thanksgiving (or any holiday) food?
5) If you could go anywhere this weekend, where would you go and why?
6) Who is the last person you said "I love you" to?
7) If you could visit any time in history what time would you choose?
8) What color are your eyes, and does anyone else in your family have the same color?

There you go...I think those are pretty good if I do say so myself!! Hope you find them interesting and random enough! If you answer them, please link it back here so I can read them. (Or just put them in my comments.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A few projects

Last month I was able to take a bit of time to do some spray painting, and I don't think I ever shared the pictures from the changes I made.

Here is the mirror, it was gold and I painted it black. (Since then I have changed my mantle decor, (I separated my tiny elephants into two different locations and just kept some books, and added some larger elephants to the mantle) but I don't know if I will get a picture of it, since it will just be changing again for the Christmas decorations soon!!)

I also painted this gold elephant lamp black and moved it from the living room to my bedside table.

Did I ever show you my finished pillows for the master bedroom? I may have, but while I am at it, here they are. (However, I want to make covers for the pillows already, along with new curtains for the bathroom and a duvet cover for our down comforter. It is about time to pull that out again!!)

I am working on framing some other artwork and changing things around in the house, I am tired of pretty much everything right now, I will try to remember to get some pictures up sometime.

While I am posting pictures...here are a few from the Masquerade/16th Birthday Party from last month.
The Birthday girl

Kels, me and Mare

Eva, dad (Gandolf) and mom (Mrs. Bennett)

Emily, me, Kels and Mare dancing the night away (We are great chaperons!!)

The entire group

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pictures from the November AtlMQG Meeting

Here are a few pictures from the November Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild Meeting on Sunday, November 7th at Tiny Stitches in Marietta.

Andi's current project-a quilt as you go process-she was wanting our opinion on how to make it larger since the pattern wasn't going to make the final product as big as she wanted.

The finished Ga Textile Museum quilt top. We decided what pattern of quilting and color of thread we wanted.

Heather (a new member this month) showed us her first quilt she is working on for her daughter. She was wanting help with the binding process so she can finish it once and for all!!

Karin shared a purple quilting project she needed some inspiration to finish (I actually took it home with me to see if I have something I can trade her for it, I am in love with one of the blocks especially!!)

Kathy (another new member)shared her grandmother's quilt top that she needed help decided how to finish it. Her grandmother's birthday is in January and she wants to have it done for her by then.

Krystina shared some blocks she was working on, along with a quilt she had nearly finished and two quilt tops she had made.

Stacy showed us her current project, a quilt she is hand quilting for her niece for Christmas. (Which she is giving to her at their family Thanksgiving get together.)

Rae shared her sister's quilt that she is working on, and needed some inspiration on how to complete the layout for the quilt top/border/backing.

Nicole has become addicted to making hexi's (thanks to Andi) and so she showed us her progress so far...she plans on making a bed size quilt this way!

I didn't take this to the meeting (and you will have to turn sideways to look at it because I am too lazy to turn the picture right side up at as I am posting this) but here is a picture of what I did all day on Saturday. I made the Santa blocks for the second Holly Jolly Swap that I am doing with APP. I LOVE how they turned out!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I think I'm in love


This has got to be one of the greatest bikes EVER!!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Don't you just love the color and awesome bucket in the back!!

(I could totally rock this look heading to Target right up the street.)

Click on the link above or just click here to see how you can buy (or maybe even win) one yourself!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I had a busy weekend...Kev and I watched ACT 1's production of Dracula on Friday night.

I spent the night at mom and dad's because Saturday morning I had a meeting with a bride and her mother about a wedding next May (this is a mother who has two daughters getting married next year...one in May and the other in November!) I am so excited about working with this family because the daughters names are Bethany and Amelia...which is my older sister's name and one of my nicknames!! I think we were meant to work together!!

Saturday afternoon I ran a ton of errands, and spent a few minutes at one of our neighbor's Halloween party. (I didn't dress up, but Kev did-this is the one holiday he actually likes to participate in!!)
Here is Kevin with the hostess of the party, Windy.

I borrowed a little hat and broom for the photo so I could try to fit in with all the costumes!!

Sunday I finished getting things together for our neighborhood Halloween Event. It was a good turn out with some happy little princesses, Iron Mans (he was a favorite this year for sure!), Super Mario Brothers, Alice in Wonderland characters and more! The kids all looked adorable and I wore my mom's plaid shirt from the 70's with some jeans, cowboy boots and a straw cowboy hat, to feel a part of the holiday! (Sorry, I don't have any pictures to steal off fb, that is where I was hoping to grab some, like the ones in the upper portion of this post...come on neighbors-post your pictures online so I can use them!! =) Please!!)

After break down the trick-or-treating started! Kevin dressed up as Michael Myers to see if he could get some good scares in, so as I was handing out candy, he came out of the bushes by our door and scared this one kid (had to be around 10-11) so bad he just left without any candy-the other kid he was with grabbed the candy I was handing him and they ran!! So funny!! Later, Kev was just standing there in the front yard when another group came by that had a little tiny princess with them. She just walked right up to him and asked "What's your name?" So cute!!!

I woke up Monday with a sore throat and it is still with me today, so hopefully I am not getting sick!! I am just keeping a throat lozenge handy and trying not to talk unless necessary. (Which I answer phones all day at work, so this isn't working out too well, but so far it isn't worse so that is good news...it just isn't getting any better either!)

P.S. Check out my adorable nephews and sister (and crazy brother-in-law) in my sister's Halloween post! She and her friends that they went "Happy Halloweening" with gave out thank you notes!! I hope I am that great when I have kids to take trick-or-treating!! (Sounds like a lot of work to me, but it would help teach your kids about being appreciative for gifts they receive!)