Monday, February 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So I have been back home from Brazil for almost two weeks and am only just getting around to my blog. LIFE just takes over when you are home and I don't have time to do ANYTHING!!! However, I did get to hike Kennesaw Mountain with my hubby on Sunday and we had some friends over to watch the SuperBowl last night. I got to catch up with some of the Cowan crew and then play some more American Idol with Anna Kay after the game was over and we got to take over the t.v. We celebrated another friends birthday on Friday and all last week I spent trying not to die from the cold after getting used to the wonderful warmth in Brazil. I would say I was born to be a beach bum, because the warm weather and wonderful breeze was absolutely perfect-but then again I am STILL peeling like crazy from my horrible sunburn and I got my picture book in today (from Snapfish-I love making books on there since I am HORRIBLE at scrapbooking-I DO NOT have the patience for that craft!!) and I realized I do not have the confidence in my body that all the Brazilian women showed. No matter their size they seemed perfectly comfortable with themselves, whenever I see a picture of myself all I see are my horrible Binkley arms and in the trip picture how pale I am-and then how pale/red splotchy I am!! Oh well, life goes on and I truly am incredibly happy and feel completely blessed, let's just say its a good thing I do have joy in my life, because I wouldn't be getting anywhere if I depended on my looks! Oh man, that doesn't sound very good-I am not trying to talk smack about myself-just observations that I made and realize that being lazy lately isn't really a good thing and maybe I should be better about using my gym membership-since I am locked into a contract anyhow!!
Wednesday night last week I actually was dragged to a hip-hop class with some of my neighbors. (Just kidding, I wanted to go-it was just funny because I literally pulled into my driveway, threw some stuff inside my door and jumped in my neighbor's van-I was already in gym clothes because after work I had gone to the gym-but left halfway thru the class-so I guess there was a sign right there that I needed to work out!!)
Tuesday night I got to hang out with Natalie and we watched part of one horrible movie and another one that was o.k. (She is as bad at picking out movies as I am!!) but we visited and just hung out and it was wonderful. I love her and her whole family! (She is my bosses daughter and my mom was friends with her mom growing up, and my grandparents where friends with her's.) I miss Natalie soooo much, we used to work together, but now that she doesn't work with me anymore I hardly ever get to see her, so it was great to just hang out!!
Well, I guess I am working backwards here through my time since my last post. The only other major thing to happen is our trip home. Which was basically a 22 hour day with all but the first thirty minutes and last hour spent in an airport or plane. When we got to the Salvador airport around 6:45AM there wasn't anyone to be seen, except for one huge line-which of course was where we needed to be! The trip back was longer then the one there because we had some delays and an extra stop over in Recife, Brazil. Even though it was long, the hardest part was the weather. It was COLD when we got into Miami and when we went through customs I didn't think about pulling out my blue jeans before I rechecked my bag for our flight to ATL. I did have some 3/4 length sweats and a small jacket in my carry one to put on for some warmth since we had a long layover in Miami and then mom and I didn't get off the plane in Atlanta-where it was FREEZING until around midnight! (We had started the day at 6AM-which is 4AM Atlanta time!) I started the trip in a cute tank, jean skirt (with soffee shorts underneath so that I could be comfortable on the plane) and sandles!
This last picture made mom and me laugh like crazy. The first picture on this post is the one I took because I thought we should have one on the plane, but I didn't like the one I took all that much so I told mom to take it from her side and this was the face she made while trying to smile and take a picture at the same time. TOO FUNNY!!! I am sure the other passengers around us thought we were crazy because we were laughing so hard I could have pee'd! (Except for the fact that I had already pee'd a thousand times that day already!) The other pictures through-out the post where taken at the Salvador Airport on the morning we left for home.