Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Dinner

Betsy and Todd being silly (somehow I didn't end up with any pictures of Todd andI on my camera!!)

I drove up to the 'rent's house after work yesterday because our unofficially adopted brother Todd is in town. We had a great time chowing down on some dinner & hanging out. I made some oatmeal while everyone else enjoyed some yummy quesadillas that Kelsey made. For dessert I lucked out because mom had some Bryers all natural vanilla ice cream at the house!! (Dad's fav and the only kind I can eat!)
Todd and Betsy playing Wii baseball

After dinner we hung out and played some Wii sports and then watched this week's So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) results show. My entire family (well-just all us girls in the family-the boys don't really care as much, but I think the secretly enjoy it too!!) is/are IN LOVE with this show! It is one of my favorite things about the summer and hands down the best compitition show on t.v.!! The people I thought should go home did, so I was pleased with the results and ready for next week's show!! We all had a ton of fun just hanging out and visiting so I didn't end up leaving until around 11:30 which means I didn't get home until around 12:15 and it was after 1AM before I got to bed!!

Chelsea and I being crazy for the camera-she fits into our family so well!

Getting up this morning was not one of the easiest things to do. I will be busy ALL DAY today since I after work I have a birthday party tonight for my friend Amy. (KARAOKE BABY!!!) Soooooo excited about that!! Then I need to pack everything up for my drive up to NC on Saturday morning. Lake Junaluska here I come!! (Too bad all my trips are always so fast...just up and back again for a wedding!)

I also have a million and one things to do still trying to get everything put back together from the break-in/stolen purse drama. I don't have a wallet yet...but then again I still don't have anything to put in it either!! (Actually I did get my new checks in and Kevin's bank card-he was like..."Of course mine would come in first so that you have a good excuse to use it!!") I am still waiting on the police report, so I can't get my license, and I don't have my credit card yet either-so weird having to use cash-I NEVER use cash!!

I also desperatly need to do some sewing! Not only do I WANT to do fun sewing I NEED to do some production line sewing for a job and I have not had the time. (At least most of it is cut out and ready to sew) I will be in sewing overdrive next week because the deadline is July 6th to have it finished!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Celebration Weekend

So my sister already posted some great pics from the Birthday Bash Weekend (including a picture of our busted truck window from the break-in) so I don't really need to add many can just check out her blog here. It was a really fast weekend (we spent so much time driving there and back again it didn't seem like there really was a ton of time to visit) but it was a great weekend!
We got to visit with both my dad and mom's side of the family. We got in really late on Friday night (after the forever long trip up to Indy since we had a long stop-over in Bowling Green with the breakin).
Saturday morning (which ended up being right until we were getting ready to head over to the party) we had an appointment with a glass man to repair our truck window (we had to take over the garage at my Aunt's house since rain was coming and we didn't have a window-what a generous man John is to let us have his spot in the garage-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!) Saturday while we were waiting we did get to hang out for a few minutes by the pool and I think I actually did get a tiny bit of sun on my scary white self. The birthday party was wonderful with some great visiting with family. After a quick stop (which turned into a terribly long & expensive stop) at Best Buy to get my new phone (Kev upgraded me to an iphone for my birthday present!!!) since mine was stolen in the breakin (I feel so lost-I don't have anyone's numbers!!!) we were able to get a quick visit in on Saturday night with Clay, Sarah & Colin (mom's side of the family).

Sunday morning we were up around 9 (we got to sleep in a little which was nice!) and loaded up the truck (adding a huge box of sewing stuff from Aunt Beth-can't wait to get into that!!) and said some quick goodbyes all around and got on the road back to GA. We made fairly good time on the way back home, but it was still a long day and for some reason being in the car all day is exhausting and so I was ready for bed by the time we made it home late on Sunday night.

I have been keeping busy back at work and trying to get things put back together/replaced from the break-in. Kevin put in a new door handle and locks since my keys were stolen and I love it!! It is beautiful!! (So much better than the basic brass builder grade knob we have had for the last 6 years!!-Why didn't we replace it sooner?!?!)
Also here is a picture of the beautiful flowers Kevin had waiting for me when I came home on Saturday night (6/13) what a great guy!!! (Not the greatest picture of these flowers because I didn't get around to getting a picture until right before I threw them away as we were heading out the door for Indy-but I am sure you can tell how beautiful they were!)

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm feeling sad...

I was robbed!!!

Our trip up to Indy was wonderful...but something tragric happend as well! We had a wonderful visit with the family and I have a ton to write about that and pictures to post but for now I have something else to talk about.

Why would anyone ever feel the need to take something that isn't theirs? Really...why? People say it can be because of the hard economic times we are in-it makes people desperate. Others may say it is for the thrill-the high of doing something illegal and getting away with it. I don't find either of these reasons very good. I feel absolutely violated and deeply sadened to think that there is someone out there that feels the need to fill a void in their lives (whether it be for financial reasons or for the "fun" of it) by hurting someone else. Now I must say that I feel completely blessed and greatful for how it has all turned out. In the scheme of things this is such a little thing and the final outcome so far has really been good...all they got was my purse when the car was full of soooo many other things including Kevin's computer & PSP, my camera & Nintendo DS, my nice guitar and more. They bashed a hole into our passenger side window-grabbed my purse and that was it. So on to the story...

We left early on Friday morning because we needed to get an oil change in the truck and Kevin still wanted plenty of time to stop at the Corvette museum on our way up to Indy. Kelsey and Travis rode with us (we took three cars total up to Indy for the weekend) and we made fairly good time up to the Corvette museum in Bowling Green KY. We all were enjoying our trip thru the museum (I didn't take my camera inside so I don't have any pictures-Kelsey had her's so maybe she will get some up on her blog sometime soon.) when Kelsey heard the announcement on the overhead speaker..."Will the owner of a green Dodge Ram with a GA license plate please come to the front desk." It took several times before we could really tell what they were saying and Kevin went out to see what happened as Travis, Kelsey and I finished going thru the museum. As we are entering the gift shop at the end Kevin walks back nodding his head and says "It's not good, you need to come out here." So we get outside and see that someone busted in the passenger side window and grabbed my purse out of the car. (Again, we are really blessed that it wasn't more that was taken because we did have a ton in the truck and our suitcases in the back of the truck bed in big plastic bins)

After we got outside and realized what happend they said the cops were on their way and we waited out by the the burning hot afternoon sun...for almost an hour...then once he arrived we were the hot sun...for another hour as the report was put together. (and he nicely took all the crushed glass out of the window-thank you wonderful BGPD Officer Steff-you are a very kind man!) All the while we were also on Kevin's phone (since mine was stolen) canceling all my credit cards, bank cards, etc...and I tried to make a list of everything that was in my purse so I could see what I need to replace. I actually for once had a ton of cash in my purse (I never have cash!!) and several unused gift cards but I think I am saddest about all the irreplacable (or hard to replace) items like my adorable elephant keychain I got when we were in South Africa last year.

To help me feel better Grandma bought me a new purse (as did mom at a rummage sale) and everyone was so nice to thanks to everyone...but really I just feel so sad that something like this could happen. I always want to see the best in everyone, I guess you could say I look at the world thru rose colored glasses! Again, I feel so blessed that it wasn't worse and so happy about my early birthday present! (Kev went ahead and replaced my phone with an iphone!!!-I do need everyone's phone numbers-I don't know ANYONE's phone number by heart so I lost them all with the stolen phone!!)

I will try to be better this week and actually write again tomorrow night and post some of the great pictures from our trip. We had such a great time visiting with everyone (and a great week before the trip as well-visiting with some friends on Monday night and Thursday night and keeping CRAZY busy the rest of the week-I will say I am really ready for the weekend again already-so maybe we can sleep in!!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girl time!

I have become a bit of a slacker when it comes to my blog lately...sorry about that. I have been keeping very busy-but that is no excuse! I wanted to post a couple pictures from this weekend. (I don't have any from Sunday though...Kev and I just ended up taking a walk and going putt-putt golfing. Then our evening was spent running some errands and watching Expedition Africa. (Kevin also watched Ice Road Truckers-of course-while I made zucchini muffins-yummy!!)
I spent Saturday afternoon with my family. First there was a shower for Lauren that Mom, Mary and I went to. (Lauren and I had met on Wednesday last week to go over the wedding details since I am going to be her coordinator at her wedding in July-I love weddings and I am so excited!! She is so adorable because she keeps having these CRAZY wedding day nightmares-some of them are just hilarious!!)
Then we had an evening of sewing and girly movies. (Bride & Prejudice (if you haven't seen this one-and you like Bollywood style films it is a must!!) and 27 Dresses) Mare and I were trying out an idea I had seen online of making a skirt from t-shirts-it was so much fun!! (Just excuse our terribly un-matching shirts...we were so excited that we had completed this fun project we just put our skirts on once we were finished and got a picture!!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I don't have a lot of time (because we are still trying to decide what to do today to celebrate) but I wanted to write a quick post to say...
Happy 6th Anniversary Honey!!

It is hard to believe it has been 6 years already!!

I love you so much and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the years to come!

Monday, June 8, 2009

catching up

Boy am I glad my boss is back from vacation! I love my job, but my job is NOT my life, and yet I feel like it has been this last week! My boss was on vacation and I feel like almost every waking moment was consumed with work. Now I know this isn't true because my time was filled with many other things besides work, it was just a LOT of work as well!
Saturday May 30th:
After a nice walk with my neighbor on Friday night (We need to do that again before you leave Rachel!) I tried to get to bed before too late since I had to be up early for work on Saturday. I got the guys out and checked in some work and then went over to my good friend Amanda's baby shower. (I didn't get the blanket finished-so I just got something else instead-the blanket is finally done so now I just have to get it to her!!) I left a little early from her shower to run a few more errands I needed to get done before going to Lauren's wedding shower. After her shower I went back home and then Kevin and I went out to a movie (Star Trek) and dinner for Kev at Fuddruckers, his favorite!

Sunday May 31st:
To be completely honest...I have no remembrance of this day. Why is it that weekends just slip on by like that!?! I think I maybe watched a movie I rented or something.

Monday and Tuesday I was at work early (I went in early the whole time David was gone) and Deshei started work. It is nice to have someone else there to help with the phones and to hang out with in the slow times since my Natalie is gone! (Of course I don't blame her-I mean come on-Hawaii!!!) (I worked out with her exercise band and we flossed our teeth on a slow afternoon-fun times at Sunshine!!) Since Kevin had to attend defensive driving classes (To help with the outrageously priced speeding ticket he got-did I ever blog about that? $780!!! YIKES!!!) I went to a prayer meeting on Monday night to see Mary Cowan off (She is in Africa for 2 weeks on a mission trip-please keep her and the entire mission team in your prayers!) and then on Tuesday evening I hung out with my little sisters (and Mary's roommate Lindsey). We laid out at the pool for around an hour before the sun went down, they grabbed some dinner at Longhorns, and then we completed our girls evening by watching "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2." I do love girls nights!!

More working early (and late) and keeping my evenings full with little things I can't even remember now. I got some sewing stuff from Heidi and I am really excited to see how it all turns out...I just need to get the chance to run to the store and get some bobbins so I can start sewing!! I don't remember what I did on Thursday evening but I do know what I forgot!! I somehow forgot to watch So You Think You Can Dance! I just LOVE that show!! I am not a big reality fan...but I do love that one! I am so amazed at their talent and I am so moved by dance. I cry all the time watching dance-it is so moving to me! Friday night Travis and Kelsey, Mary Lindsey, Kevin and I all watched "Taken" at our place. (My week was filled with a lot of movies...because there are more to come!!)

Saturday dad was in town so he got the guys out to work (Thank goodness!!! I was exhausted!) and Kevin and I did some shopping (checking out some stuff for our European trip plans-love REI...too bad everything is so expensive!!) and Kevin needed some pants as well. (I think maybe that is something else we did last Sunday-Kev needed some new summer clothes so we went shopping at Kohls.) We also went to the movies-Land of the Lost-very Will Ferrell-nothing more to say about that!

Sunday we met the family for lunch and a movie in town. We went to see "Up" with the entire family. It was so cute (and sad) and it was really fun to be together! We did some shopping at Borders (Betsy-I bought The Shack so I will try to start that tonight and so we can talk about it!) and saw Martin (Kevin worked with at CFA Windy Hill) and Bridget (my cousin Sarah's Sister in Law) there and visited with them awhile. We went Buffalos for Kevin to get some wings for dinner. (Why he likes those things I will never understand! Which is why we went out to eat and didn't bring them home-or else then the whole house smells like buffalo wings!) I finished my book I started earlier in the week (I love short mystery books!) Sunday night I finished the baby blanket (It is still really small-but I think it is pretty cute-hopefully Amanda likes it!) while we watched some Expedition Africa on the History channel. I leared that tampons are fabulous kindling-who would have thought of that? Obviously I guess Benedict (the survivalist on the expedition) did-but I wonder how that came about!?! It has to be a funny story!! Maybe I should start carrying a pack in our camper to help us start fires-we always seem to have trouble getting a fire going when we go camping!!

Monday again:
So here we are at Monday again. Back at work-but I was able to leave by 4:30-yeah! And I relaxed with, what else but a movie, as I did ate some dinner and did some cooking for the rest of the week. I watched "Passengers" and it really got me thinking. (And crying a bit-especially since there was just a plane crash last week that killed 228 people. What a sad time for the family and friends of those people-I can't imagine what they are going through right now.) All I can say is that watching movies about death make me think about how I am living my life. I hope that I am living my life as an example for Jesus and that God is pleased with me. I sometimes feel like I am not really doing anything with my life that is important, like I am not making any difference in the world around me. I don't want my life to slip by without any meaning. I want my daily life to be an example of Jesus living in me-God's joy and hope and love resonating from me to those around me! I know God can use those everyday moments-but I don't know if I catch them-or always use them to bring Him glory and honor like I should.

I actually made Kevin some dinner this evening (Bagged broccolli alfredo-just add water, milk and butter and bring to a boil-I guess I could start working on my home-making skills!!) and I am enjoying relaxing while cooking some food and writing this blog. If you are actually still reading this you are a true friend and I love you! I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow since I have the late shift! (I don't have to be in until 9-it seems like it has been forever! Since I can't seem to get to bed early the early shift every day didn't really work out that well for me! I am so tired!!) I hope to be able to get to some sewing and other crafts soon. I am missing it since it has been weeks since I have sewn anything. We will see how the week goes. For now I am going to close so I can visit with my hubby some tonight!