Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I got my package from Amazon yesterday at work. I ordered something for Kels, and the new Christmas c.d. from Enya (which I listened to all afternoon at work!) and a DVD. (I am in a bad relapse with my DVD buying addiction, I got better for awhile, but too many good movies have been coming out recently!! However, I was very proud of myself because I stopped at Hollywood video on my way home yesterday evening-I saw online that they were having a great sell-and I pick out a big pile of DVD's, but realized what I was doing and walked out without getting ONE because I knew I didn't have the money for that right now!! Even though we aren't officially doing Christmas presents this year, I am sure I will most likely end up getting a least a little something for everyone, and even little somethings add up quick when you have a big family, so I need to be saving money, not spending right now!)

I was reading some sewing/knitting blogs today (it is soooo slow at work today!) and realized that my blogging skills are horrible!! I am not good at getting my pictures uploaded/downloaded, whatever it is called, from my camera to post online, so I never put in any pictures! Although I don't usually make New Years resolutions, maybe I will try to make one this year and that will be to become less technicaly/computer challenged!! Also, reading all the fun blogs really made me want to sew more. I have actually been into sewing/crocheting/knitting lately, but haven't really completed much! (Except all the baby blankets I have been crocheting since almost EVERYONE I know is pregnant or just recently had a baby!) Several of the blogs I read were into making clothes from retro patterns. I have never really been into making clothing-I buy on the clearance rack, so my clothes are cheaper bought than if homemade-but it did make me want to make a dress or something.

Kevin normally works late on Tuesdays (he usually gets home around 1:30-2AM) so I try to use Tuesdays to watch a chick-flick, or do something that he wouldn't enjoy. (BTW-while I am talking about Kevin-I just want to say how proud I am of my hubby! He had his review at work last week and ended up getting a good raise, a promotion & all positive feedback! Yeah!!) Yesterday, since I worked the early shift, I had plenty of time (I actually got home BEFORE dark!) so I started the Christmas decorating!! I got a good amount done before going to bed fairly early, I had to be into work early again today and so I was in bed before 11. I had so much fun singing along to the Bing Crosby Christmas music (I also played some Trans Siberian Orchestra & Third Day's Christmas album) as I put away my regular decor (elephants galore) and put up the Christmas decor. All that is left to do is the Bethlehem Village (I don't know where that will fit this year, I am thinking of putting it on the piano-which is currently residing in the kitchen!!-I will have to post a picture if I ever figure out how too!) and we also still need the tree. Not sure where to fit that this year either since we rearranged the livingroom when we put down the hardwood floors. (I really will try to get a picture of everything once I figure out what to do with everything and it is decorated and post it!) Lastly, we will need to tackle the outside, but other than a small fake tree on the front stoop-which I should upgrade, but will most likly wait until the after Christmas sales this year-the outdoor decor is Kevin's job. (Which might be why we have only had Christmas lights one year out of the five years we have lived here!!-I don't blame him though, I wouldn't want to get on the roof!!)

I am excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I realized I didn't even check to be sure I have everything I need for the yeast rolls I am in charge of. I guess I might be making a last minute run to our Super Target or Kroger this evening if I need something still. I love our family's yeast rolls, I think they are one of the things about the holidays we all look forward to the most! They are made with real butter (tons of it!!) and are quite a chore, but Thanksgiving and Christmas wouldn't feel right without them!! I still remember learning how to make them with Aunt Jan and Memaw!! I love making them because it gives me a great reason to actually wear one of my many aprons (I have a collection of old aprons) because flour is everywhere when you knead the dough and cut them out! Plus it is one of the few things I bake from scratch. I am not a big cook and I don't bake much. Grandma B's Zuchinni bread & the Chocolate Chip Cookies from my Betty Crocker Cookbook (which are the cookies I grew up baking from my mom's Betty Crocker Cookbook!) are the two things I make from scratch!! Other than that, I boil or steam fresh veggies, boil or broil chicken, and bake sweet potatoes. (And of coarse I use my popcorn maker for my popcorn addiction!!) Since my kitchen skills are limited, I usually get the most use out of my kitchen during the holidays when I am baking goodies for my friends, neighbors and coworkers. Which reminds me, I totally need to plan a cookie baking day-and I want to see if anyone wants to start a cookie swap tradition. I read about it in a BH&G magazine one year and it sounds like fun! I need to start having some girl time, now that all my sisters have moved far away I need some girlfriends. Maybe I shoud start a book club, bible study, or knitting/crochet group to meet on Tuesdays when Kevin is at work! Of course, then that would interrupt everyone else's evening as well, and their husbands probably don't work the late shift on Tuesdays!! Oh well, it was a good idea for a moment!

Side note, I forgot to mention in my last blog that over the weekend I got to meet our neighbors newest addition, little Madison Susanne. She is so tiny and adorable!! You can tell her big brother is so proud!! I couldn't tell what Alex thought of her yet, but Dillon was completely smitten with his newest little sis! We got to see her all bundled up in her carseat on Sunday when we were decorating the front of the neighborhood. It was really funny because we were all talking about her and how none of us had seen her yet when they pulled up! I hope to really get to see her Monday night when Rachel and I take over dinner, whoops, I don't get home until late on Mondays. Guess I will just have to send my part of the dinner with Rachel and try to get by another time.

Well, in case I don't get online anytime tomorrow. Remember all your blessings, not just on this special day, but always! God is so good-I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Christmas Season is here!

I started listening to Christmas music awhile ago but now the season truly seems official. The Holiday festivities have begun!! Friday night I went to see my nephew Canaan in his acting debut in ACT1's production of Miracle on 34th street. He was wonderful, I was a very proud Aunt!! Everyone really did a great job and after to show Mom & I met Betsy (who had driven up with Andy & Zion after Andy got off work) at IHOP to visit. I am so glad she is up here for Thanksgiving and Mare is coming in tonight!! Wish you were here Kels!!

Saturday I slept in until after 11AM!!! I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock, I haven't slept in that late in forever!! I didn't really get much accomplished on Saturday since I woke up so late, but we did get over to see Kevin's cousin's new house. Shannon and Nick got married back in September and they were having an open house for their family and friends to stop by. Their house is adorable, she has really done a great job decorating the place! Although, I did find out sad news, I guess Micki is going to be busy all day on Thursday, so we won't be seeing her on Thanksgiving. Barb & Larry may not make it up to my parent's house either. Saturday night Kevin was craving Mexican food, so we went out to the local Mexican restaurant and then did a little shopping after dinner. Kevin needed some long sleeve shirts and he also found a great wool coat. (But I won't let him wear it this week because I want to be sure to check for one in the after Thanksgiving sales to be sure we got a good deal!!) He also got this cool hat, he doesn't normally wear hats, but I liked this one. He looks like a gangster from the 20's with the hat & wool coat on!

Sunday I got up and decided I needed to clean the house, (so that I can get my Christmas decorations out-plus it was getting scary!!) so we skipped church and I cleaned all morning while Kevin slept in, his very favorite thing to do!! I drank a little organic milk this morning and so we will see how that goes. It tasted soooo wonderful, I LOVE milk!!! We met Betsy, Andy and the boys at Waffle House for a late lunch. (I made a sandwich to take with since I had made some bread on Saturday and had some boiled chicken, fresh spinich, and rice cheese to put with it, I was very proud of my sandwich-it looked kinda like something a normal person would eat!!) Sunday afternoon Betsy helped me put up Christmas decorations at the front of the neighborhood with some other wonderful ladies from the neighborhood. Heidi, Janice, Kelly, Betsy & I worked in the cold (I think we all thought our fingers were going to fall off!) to hang up the garland and bows. Who would have thought that would be such a hard job, but we had to use fishing line to tie everything up, it was like a maze of fishing line when we were done, but it looks great!! Luckily the lights were just left in the trees from last year, so all we had to do was plug them in!! Zion was outside playing the whole time, and tried to help us some as well, he is so adorable!! Canaan was out with us for awhile, but when he went home to use the restroom he decided to stay inside and watch a movie with Uncle Kevin! Sunday night, after Mom had picked up Betsy and the boys (Andy had brought them over so he could see Kevin's corvette, but he had to leave to head back home to Hahira for work!) Kevin and I watched the new "Journey to the center of the Earth" movie. It was pretty cute. I like family friendly movies!! I know at times they can be corny, but they are great!! I had bought it when it first came out (me and my DVD buying addition problem!) but we hadn't had a chance to watch it yet. It actually came with 3D glasses so that you could watch it in 3D, but we just watched it in the regular version, beceause 3D hurts Kevin's eyes and then afterwards watched a few parts in 3D. That was fun! Kevin also pulled out all my Christmas decor from the attic, so I will hopefully be able to get to that this week, and it will really feel like Christmas then!! Oh happy day!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra)

So on Monday night last week Kevin asked if we had plans for Sunday night. I said "no" and he said "we do now" and wouldn't tell me anything else. So I tried my best not to care all week, which is really hard for me! I did such a good job at not caring I actually forgot about it over the weekend until Sunday afternoon when Kevin said we wouldn't have enough time to do something and I was like "Why?" and that is when I remembered he had a surprise for me.
Around 6:30PM we headed into Atlanta. At this point Kevin says he isn't sure if it is something I will like or not, but wanted to give it a try. I didn't really care what we were doing, I was just excited because we were heading into Atlanta. I love going into the city! He wouldn't tell me anything about the night as we drove in, except that we had never done it before. (That didn't really help because we are creatures of habit and don't try new things that often! (Once we finally found out that I had IC, and while we were going thru all the Dr. appts. trying to find out what was wrong with me, we stopped going out on dates. I can't eat anything and would always need to pee every few minutes, so I was not any fun at all!!) Anyhow, back to the story, we parked by Centennial Olympic Park and walked over to Philips Arena.
I still didn't find out what we were doing until after we were seated (which we were dead center-a million miles away-but really perfect seats!!) because Star94 was there with a Children's Healthcare Representative and a member of the Trans Siberian Orchestra to give the Hospital a check. ($1 from each ticket sell went to the hospital.)

Funny story: I had pulled out the Christmas music recently so Kevin had put in one of our TSO c.d.'s this week and played it while we were at home one night. I was only liking one out of every few songs so this had made Kevin very nervous about his surprise!!
So once I knew what we were doing (the arena was obviously set up for a concert), & who we were seeing(when the TSO member was mentioned), I was very excited!. Even though I don't like all their songs, the ones I do like-I like a lot!! The show was really cool! Actually, I think the only way to describe it is to use a word of the 90's. (Which the band is stuck in the 80's or 90's anyhow with their long hair, style of music and light show-too funny-but also really fun!) It was AWESOME! The light show during the concert was as amazing as the music! The first half had a narrator, which was weird and made Kevin and I laugh every time he spoke, but it was a pretty cool story and we enjoyed ourselves completely! The second half wasn't all Christmas music and had more singing-which I liked the instrumental parts best, but it was still fun!
After the show we walked through the park to see if the Ice Skating Rink was still open. It was after 11PM by the time we got out, so I knew it wouldn't be, but we froze our nose and ears off walking around looking at the lights for awhile before we went back to the car and headed home. Overall a huge success for a date night! Cheers to Kevin for a great success!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sewing, singing and sweet little angels.

What a nice weekend. It still went by too fast, as usual, but I did get a good amount accomplished so that was nice! I did try the rice cheese on Friday night for dinner, but I am not really sure if it caused any problems or not because I was at home the ENTIRE weekend. The ONLY time I went out was late Sunday evening when I went up to Texas Road House with Kevin while he ate dinner. Other than that I was at home sewing all day on Saturday and babysitting my neighbor's adorable girls on Sunday. (I normally have to pee a ton anyhow, so I don't notice whether I am going more often than normal unless I am out and about, but I don't think I went more than normal so I think I will try some more rice cheese this week!)
Saturday I was working on some quilts that I had either started piecing or had wanted to get started. I love taking a stack of fabric and with some cutting, sewing, ironing (and patience) ending up with a beautiful pieced top. I think that piecing and quilting is really a beautiful form of art. I wish I enjoyed quilting as much as the piecing, especially since that is the part that really takes forever, but I normally only work on small projects so that I don't get too overwhelmed!! (Or else it ends up tucked away in a closet or under the bed until I have the strength to pull it out again and try to conquer! I just don't like looking at the same thing for long periods of time!) I also worked on some crocheting that I needed to get done and I nearly finished it so that was great! (It is a perfect thing to do while watching t.v. and when I got home from babysitting on Sunday, Kevin wasn't home, so I watched Atonement(so sad) and crocheted away!)
Sunday I watched my neighbor's three girls, Jules, Ella, & Anna. (Since it was pretty much an all day thing Kevin used the day to sleep in and then run up to my parents to help dad finish the kitchen floor project. What a wonderful guy!) The girls were so good and we had a blast just playing with their dollhouse, dancing and singing to some band's dvd (made for children-with adorable goofy little songs), playing Garfield Monopoly and watching "The Parent Trap" movie (the one with Lindsey Lohan-not the old Haley Mills version I grew up watching).
On my way into work today (running late-I did not want to get out of bed this morning!) I was listening to J93.3 for a moment (not a station I tune into very often, but happened to be listening this morning) and they mentioned that they had Christmas music playing online. I am crazy for Christmas music & I start listening earlier than anyone I know and will start singing Christmas songs at random times throughout the entire year! So, anyway, back to the point, they have a link from their website that you can click on and listen to Christmas music from your computer. I am so excited and have been singing along all day!! Now I just have to wait until the end of the month for B98.5 to start their Christmas music (they usually start on Thanksgiving day) and my drive to and from work will be festive as well!! O happy day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall is here!

Well, even though it has been warmer the last few days, I am stuck inside at a desk all day, so all I get is my drive to and from work to enjoy the outdoors. Since the time change, it is really only my ride to work that I see anything because it is dark out by the time I leave work at 6. But, to the point, because this isn't a negative blog, I was really enjoying the colors in the trees as I drove in this morning. It was a great morning, not too cold, beautiful sky and FRIDAY!!!
I don't really have any plans for the weekend. I am thinking about doing something with mom on Saturday and I am going to be babysitting my neighbor's girls on Sunday and I want to try a new food this weekend as well. I am excited about slowly growing my range of foods that I eat. I found some cheese made from rice (I guess similar to a ricemilk idea) that I want to try, or my mom got me some almond butter (of all the nuts that is supposed to be the one that I could maybe try) so if I make bread when I get home tonight (thank God for bread machines!!) I might be making a cheese sandwich or trying some toast with almond butter-I guess we will see if I am brave enough to actually go through with it or not. I hate it when I feel bad, so I don't want to be crazy, but if I don't ever try anything, I won't ever improve my diet, so it has to start somewhere. Which reminds me, so far still no issues with the chamomile tea!! Since I added eggs back (I just try to keep it at a minimum, use organic, and so far have only used it to make Zuchinni bread and oatmeal cookies) and wonderful sweet potatoes I have really felt like I have a better balance to my diet already. (Which looking back that was like in March that I added sweet potatoes, so I would say it is time for something new!!) I also have added Bryers All Natural Vanilla ice cream and my joy is back!!! (I am an ice-cream LOVER!!!) Now, I just hope that eventually I can add real milk back. Even though I am very thankful for Ricemilk, nothing compares to the true deliciousness of cow MILK!!!
So, I'm not pregnant, but life is really looking up for me! I am excited for the beautiful weekend we are supposed to have, and ready to start all the fun planning for the Holiday Season that is here!!! So happy it's Friday and so happy I've got a great God who loves me!!! (and has blessed me with sooooo much!!!) Life is good and Fall is here!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Life goes on...and Happy Birthday Babe!

la da de, la da da, life goes on, naaaa na na na na life goes on. Does anyone else remember that song from that t.v. show. I don't think I ever really watched it, but I remember the actress that was on "Christy" was one of the kids.

O.K. back to the point...I have been keeping busy the last few days. Friday afternoon Mom and I got off a little early and we loaded her car up with the boxes of stuff I was getting rid of that were everywhere in the office. Once Kevin got home, mom headed on home and we got ready for the trick-or-treaters and the "Trail of Terror" (a little trail through an area in our neighborhood that some of the guys put together for the neighborhood kids.) Kevin was Michael Myers from "Halloween" and he was really scary!! I had fun visiting with Rachel as the little trick-or-treaters came out for candy and only ended up spending a few minutes actually handing out candy at our own door, which makes Kevin happy because we have plenty of candy left over!! It was hilarious when Kevin scared some of the older kids in the neighborhood!!
I did some shopping Saturday and at one point in the day I was really cold and Kevin had been trying to get me to try to add something to my diet for awhile now, so I had some hot tea while I was finishing pulling out my winter clothes and it was wonderful!!! I have really missed drinking something with flavor since currently all I drink is water! Barbara, Larry and Micki came over Saturday night for dinner. (Barbara made her homemade speghetti for Kevin's birthday.) Aunt Flow came for a visit late Saturday night, so it is official for sure now, not pregnant! I watched John McCain open SNL.
Sunday morning I woke up pretty early. (It was even earlier than normal since we gained an hour Saturday night!) I got to talk to Kelsey for awhile on Skype!!!! I haven't been able to talk to her in forever!!! (Later Mary, Kelli and Rachel got on as well.)
Kevin and I went to church and the pastor was preaching right to me. God really seemed to work it all out perfectly, it was what I needed to hear!! The sermon was about coveting the next part of your life and I was totally convicted that I have been doing that. I have made becoming a mother like an idol in my life and have been obsessed with it! I really want to be a mother, but I seriously need to relax about the issue and know that God is going to bring it about when the time is right. I know I keep saying that, and I do believe it, but I still keep obsessing over it!! I think I am finally ready to really let go. I don't want to make anything more important than my realtionship with God, and I think that is what I have been doing since I have been going through this whole infertility thing. Now I am going to need some major prayer to be able to really let it go, because I still want to be a mom more than anything, but I just need to be sure I am keeping my heart in the right place and not letting that become more important than everything else in my life.
I stayed busy Sunday afternoon and evening with a birthday party (our neighbor's daughter 1st birthday-she actually shares a birthday with Kevin) and Chad and Lisa came over in the evening so before you knew it Monday was here and back to work again! I woke up early this morning, I guess because of the time change, and left Kevin's birthday gift out for him as I left for work. I got him a new wedding band the other day that I was going to give him for Christmas, but he has really been wanting it, so I decided he could go ahead and have it for his Birthday. It is titanium and has a cool cross pattern on it. I got him a titanium ring that he wears on his other hand awhile back (I think a Christmas present one year or something) and he really liked it, so when we saw this one for a great price, I knew I had to get it for him!! I feel bad that I didn't really have anything planned for his 31st birthday, but I feel like this year has really flown by and it came up so fast! Well, it is now almost Tuesday and I should get to bed since I have to get up for work in the morning. Don't forget to vote if you haven't already!!