Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emotional Me

Another week has gone by without a chance to catch you up on my daily happenings here in Emileeville.

Life continues to stay busy, and I am sorry to say I haven't been great about getting pictures and details to share with you.

The wedding on Saturday was for a wonderful couple with the sweetest families. There theme was starry night with Midnight blue and silver.

The wedding cake was actually blue velvet cake (yes, I sad BLUE velvet...such a fun idea to make it blend in with the color theme-too bad I didn't get a picture of the inside!) The groom's cake was a Coca Cola themed cheesecake since that is his thing. I always love to see what a couple does for the groom's cake!

Sunday was a sew day with the AtlMQG...of course I was lame and didn't get any pictures! I did a little bit of work on my Halloween wonky log cabin blocks that I started forever ago, but most of my time was spent working on another block for the Georgia Textile Museum quilt we are working on as a group. Here is a link to two of the other blocks I made. I ended up making five blocks for this project, but we took one of them out in the end...the pale yellow just didn't go with the rest of the blocks. I am really excited to see how this turns out...I think it is going to look great!

I have spent a few minutes working on a few sewing projects as well, nothing finished to show, but a few in progress.

Here is a moving blanket that I saw had a rip in it and discovered an amazing quilt underneath! (Now to decide how to fix it and use it!)

And here is the back for the tye-dye project I did awhile back. Now I just need to decide how to quilt it. I am thinking this would be the perfect size for a sewing machine cover.

The weather has been rainy and overcast every day this work week...(maybe that is why I am emotional-rainy weather can do that) but the good news is I think we needed the rain and it has made all the beautiful fall colors and bright green that is left on the trees and in the grass really shine through. This makes the commute to and from work beautiful each day!

I have had some highs and low emotionally these last few days-well, this whole month really. Although I wouldn't consider myself a very emotional person, I have been feeling pretty emotional lately. I find myself nearing tears more often than ever before. (Which means AT ALL, since I normally don't cry about anything except sappy commercials or a good movie!)

I am wondering if I can blame it on the fact that I am so past the point of being ready to join the league of mothers! I think the stress of being who I am, and realizing I can't just imagine this infertility problem away is trying to get me down.

I want to be that perfect little stay at home, crafting, singing, all around amazing mother and domestic diva...instead I am still the infertile working woman-pulling in overtime at one job (although being distracted the whole time), while taking on another job on the weekends, and volunteering to do anything and everything someone asks...can we see a pattern of trying to fill a void here?!? (However, don't think that I am complaining about my work or activities I love what I do (especially wedding planning) and although it means I don't have a weekend, it is so worth it! I absolutely LOVE it!! And I like being a part of things, so taking on a million and one projects isn't horrible either...I just want to be doing them with a baby happily attached to my hip in a super cute carrier.)

Obviously, my ideas of mother-hood are becoming a bit delusional. Although you couldn't tell it from what I have said so far I do realize that being a mother isn't all smiles and cooing and cuddling. I know becoming a mother isn't going to magically take all my worries away and transport me to a world of rainbows and butterflies...yet then again, it does change you into someone you weren't before, and you can't ever go back. There are the wonderful moments when you know that little person you love more than you can say, loves you back unconditionally. You can see hope in their eyes and are excited (and scared) beyond belief that you get to help this little person develop. You wonder what it is they will do with their future, who will they become? Will they fly to the moon as an astronaut, or share their passions with kids as a teacher? Will they build amazing skyscrapers as an architect, or build a loving home for their own children with their spouse?

I know that these wonderful moments are only part of the package...the other half is the many sleepless nights from baby cries to teenage/adult worries & tears that need comforted, the constant pressure of expenses from feeding, caring, clothing, educating, and entertaining their young bodies and minds, the hours upon hours spent praying for the strength to carry on after hard days of the "terrible two's tantrums" or "I don't need your help" announcements, when all you want is to hold them close and call them your baby forever...well would you listen to I am dealing with emotions of letting my little ones fly to coop, when I don't even have any chicks to raise yet.



emotional me.

Ok already, enough with the sadness...let's take this to a happier place!

I know that someday I will get the chance to be a mother, I believe it. I just really hope it is sooner rather than later. Patience is not one of my best virtues and I feel like I have been waiting such a long time already.

Whew...that feels good to get that off my chest. Sorry you had to be my sounding board.

Or maybe you were smart and just browsed this post and looked all the pretty pictures...probably something I would do! That way you just get the fun parts!

Either way, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have had a wonderful week so far.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I won a book!!

If you read my blog often, well, basically if you have read it ever, you know that I love all things Austen. So when I saw a giveaway going on at Laura's Reviews had to sign up...and I actually won!!


I already got it in the mail too!!

Talk about fast service!!

(Now I just need to find the time to read it!)

It looks like a great one! Here is an interview with the author.

You can read a review on it here and here is another interview & a giveaway!!

Also...since we are talking about is a link to AustenBlog which has a trailer up for the newest "modern take" on an Austen classic. The movie is called From Prada to Nada (in theaters Jan 2011) and is an updated version of Sense and Sensibility. I am looking forward to this one!!

Pictures from the October AtlMQG Meeting

Since I am having issues getting this pictures to load unto our website...I thought I would just put them here and then put a link to this post on our website. (I am sorry I am not computer savvy enough to make this easy, so we just have to go with what I can do!!)

Here is a quilt that Beth made

Another quilt by Beth

Here is Beth's art quilt (Sorry for the reflection-it was framed!)

This is Andi's current quilt project (a quilt for her bed)

Some blocks Ellen collected in an online swap...there are some AMAZING ones in there!!

Here is a picture of the group as we are getting ready to start the meeting

Here is a pictures of Karen's most recent art quilt, and she showed us the process that she went through when putting it together. (Karen's month to lead the meeting is going to be a fun one, with tons to learn, I can feel it!!)

Here is Karen's fall table runner she made

Here is Pam's art quilt that she did for her work

Here is Krystina's quilt she made while participating in the sew-a-thon at WhipStitch. (So cute, and all made in one night!!)

Nicole's Color wheel quilt...I LOVE this and want to make one so bad!!!

Here are the other two yellow blocks I did for the Textile Museum Project

Here are all the blocks that we collected (there are a few more coming) for the Textile Museum Quilt we are excited to see how this turns out!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautiful Fall weather is here again!

So the cooler weather has come back (With a nice warming up in the middle of the pretty much the perfect weather for Fall!) and I have, as usual, been keeping crazy busy.

All I have to remember this full Fall weekend is the sniffles and a slightly sore throat (from lack of sleep and the cooler weather I wanted) and a two pictures (one of which I stole from my sister's blog) I will just share with you a few of the great memories I made during this event-full weekend!

I spent the night at my parents on Thursday night (and got to see my nephews and older sister who were in town visiting) then spent Friday morning helping to set up Stilesboro Academy for Hannah's 16th Birthday Party. Friday afternoon I got a few hours in at work before changing and heading into Atlanta for a good friend's 30th birthday party! (Happy Birthday Mary Beth!) I left the party early to head back up to the 'rents because my third sister was there as well, so all four Binkley girls were together at mom and dad's on Friday night! It was great! I love my sisters more than words can say and it was so wonderful to spend a night all together!

Saturday I ran some errands, finished setting up for the party, did a wedding rehearsal, and still made it back out to Stilesboro Academy in time for the big birthday party. I wish I had pictures...the set up was great, the cake was awesome, and the birthday girl was pleased with the end result so it was a great night! (I do have a close up of my can't see the full dress, but you get to see my mask, which was pretty fan-tab-ulous if you ask me! I am so glad to have a mom involved in theater so that anything I need is only a trip to the storage unit away!!) It was a late night, but worth it, and a total blast!

Sunday was the wedding day. It was a lovely Fall wedding with pumpkins and fall colors...truly beautiful and a perfect day for it! I was even out the door after clean up before 10:30 so that was nice because I was able to spend a few moments with Kev before falling asleep and starting a new work week Monday morning.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where did the Fall weather go?

Today I am willing the wonderful, cool, crisp, fall weather to come back.
It has decided to be hot here again, and I was ready for the Fall!!

Here is to the hope that pretending like it is cool weather time (I am listening to Christmas music today on Pandora, and wearing winter boots.) will trick the weather into getting cooler again!!

(Although, I did take advantage of the beautiful and warm weather on Saturday...I will share more on that later!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Georgia Textile Museum Quilt Project

I wanted to share my 12 1/2" blocks that I finished last night for the AtlMQG project we are doing for the Georgia Textile Museum, before I turn them in on Sunday.

I had fun with them, and may try to get another one (in pale yellow) done if I have the time before our meeting.

Lots going on here, even more than usual, but nothing I can talk about here. Please just keep Kev & me in your prayers-that we will have the wisdom and strength needed for whatever happens.

(I know that is annoying to ask for prayer and not say what for, I always thought when people had a prayer request they should give all the details so we would know how to pray, but I really can't on this one!! You can always call me for details if you want. I just don't think I should put them online! Sorry world wide web, I love you and all, but there is a time and place for everything...and this is not one of those things that you can be a part of!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is here...

It has finally started to feel like Fall here in GA!!

The weather has cooled down and it feels wonderful!

Friday evening Kev and I went to Atlanta to watch the Braves!! It was fun, but cold!! (I had on shorts, but thankfully had a little sweater with me to at least stay kinda warm!!)

Saturday I put out our Halloween decor, took Kevin to the airport, (He is hiking the Grand Canyon and then visiting Zion National Park with his best friend from grade school!) ran a few errands, did a wedding rehearsal and then hung out (and spent the night) with Mare. (It was fun, but I have got to remember to get some sleep before I work a wedding, I was exhausted on Sunday!!)

Sunday I worked a wedding for an adorable couple: Caleb and Amy. The wedding had a Fall/Vintage theme and I loved it. (The cake toppers were two too cute owls, my sister Mary would absolutely LOVE them!!)

Monday night I worked on the quilt back for the baby quilt top I had finished Thursday night. (I didn't end up making it to the shower because I had to be at the wedding early, but I guess that is a good thing since I hadn't finished the present yet!!) Now I need to decide how I want to quilt it and deliver it to the mom-to-be!!