Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Sewing & Some Christmas Pictures

I didn't really get any Christmas sewing done this year. I had great intentions of working on the quilts I had started last year, and making a new one as well...but time flew by and Christmas has come and gone without any sewing.

The only thing I finished was the mug rug I did for the AtlMQG swap in December! (Which you have already seen, but I am so proud of here you are again!!)

At the very last minute I did get some Christmas presents made...a baby quilt (which I didn't get any pictures of) for a very special little girl.

I finished the Owl Quilt for my sister.

Made a camera strap cover for Betsy.

And I made scarves for my mom, sisters, mother in law and Grandma Micki. I took the basic idea I had seen online of a few different scarves and made what I wanted. (Here is one of them.)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!! Here are a few pictures of my Christmas day.

I am very excited about 2011...I may even make some New Years Resolutions this year...keep an eye out for them. (However, I have a wedding on New Years Eve and New Years Day, so I may be a little late in getting a post up about them!!)

Oh, I also have seen a book challenge or two I want to do in 2011...even though I lost steam on this year's challenges halfway through the year, I still did a TON of reading at the beginning of the year and I am glad that I was able to get that much done. Maybe this year I will stick with it and get some books read in the later part of the year as well!! (I have plenty on my bookshelf to keep me reading for ages!!!)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Not just dreaming of a white Christmas!

I don't think there has ever been snow on Christmas Day in GA, but we have it today! I would post a picture, but I can't figure out how to on my phone. (Updated with some pictures of our White Christmas...I also found out the last time it snowed on Christmas day in the ATL was in 1881!!)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas with lots of love, joy, peace, family, friends and yummy food!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!!

So as I was browsing blogland today I saw this post about free ebooks in celebration of Jane Austen's birthday today! (Also here, here, and here)

Check it out if you are interested...not only are Jane's classic six books (Emma, P&P, S&S, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park & Persuasion) on the list, there are several Austen continuations that are there as well! I got three that I have been wanting to that they are on my iphone I may actually have a better chance of getting them read, and soon! (And all for FREE in celebration of JA's 235th bday!!)

So, Happy Birthday Jane Austen!! I may have to make a cake tonight in celebration...doesn't a lovely carrot cake (or maybe zucchini) sound like the perfect way to end the day that is celebrating an amazing women and author!?!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mary's birthday party

Last Saturday my baby sister had her 23rd birthday party!!

Yikes! It is crazy to think that she is 23! (Well, technically she won't be 23 until next Wednesday, so I can stay calm for one more week!)

Here she is wearing little Emily Ann's bow (which she had left at my parent's house last weekend when she was there for Zion's birthday party. Zi, do you remember when Uncle Kevin pretended like he was going to throw you into your awesome Panda cake?
Which Zion's 5th birthday is actually today! Happy Birthday Zi!! I love you!!)

Back to Mary....she has recently become obsessed with owls, so I bought some felt and brought stuff to make little owls during her party. (Yeah, we still like to have activities at our parties like you did when you were a kid...we are cool like that!)

I think everyone had fun making them.
(Well, actually there were a few of us that did the main cutting and sewing and then everyone else joined in on the final decoration part!)

Here are a few of the final products.

One of her best friends, Kelli, made owl cupcakes...they were too cute!

And here is one of Mary's best friends Emily with her little boy Dallas...who is just adorable!!

Overall it was a great night, I didn't get home until around 2AM! It was great to see everyone, I hadn't seen Joelle since I can't remember when! (Lauren and Kristy, Thanks a million for your help with the owls! Love y'all!!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flowers for me!

Monday night when I got home (I ran a few errands after work, so I didn't end up getting home until around 10pm)Kevin had flowers for me.

Just because.

What a sweetheart!

He has been extra loving lately. We are like those teenage couples you see at the mall who are so annoyingly glued to each other at all times.

Super random side note: If I was living a Lifetime channel movie I may need to be worried...there would only be two options for how overly sweet he has been lately. 1) he is dying and doesn't want to tell me or 2) he is cheating on me...thank goodness I am not living a Lifetime Channel movie!!

I think it is just because we have been getting closer and closer as a couple with all that we have been, and still are, going through as we try to become a family, rather than just a couple. (Or maybe it is just the cold weather we have been makes us want to cuddle to keep warm!)

Monday, December 6, 2010

AtlMQG December Meeting

Yesterday we had our Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild December Meeting. So I have some pictures to share.

We talked about our inspiration, welcomed another new member, Hazel, had our regular "show & tell," shared a potluck style brunch and swapped mug rugs.

It was a very full and very fun meeting.

Enjoy the pictures....

Here is my finished Mug Rug...I am so proud of myself on this one, I really went outside of my comfort zone and work extra hard on this. I love how it turned out!

Here are all the wrapped mug rugs ready to be swapped.

Here they are opened. Everyone did such a great job, they are all different! I think it was a successful and fun swap!

Here is Andi's finished "quilt as you go" quilt that she showed us the start of last month.

Here is some Christmas sewing Karin had done.

Here are Hazel and Karin's pumpkin bags they made at a class they took together.

Here is a butterfly quilt Hazel had made.

And an Italian themed quilt.

And another one...(I think I actually have some of that fabric!)

Here are two of Krystina's most recent quilt tops she put together.

Here is the progress Nicole has made on her hexagon is coming along so fast...for hexi's that is!!

Here is Rae's Spa quilt that she has ready to quilt.

Here is Melinda's Christmas quilt she made.

Here are the first blocks (which Melinda designed) for the Tiny Stitches quilt-a-long next year. If you live in the area and want to join in, it is only $10 to start...go by Tiny Stitches for more info!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some sewing and a small Christmas miracle

I love to celebrate the little miracles in let's start with the good news!

The lost Santas finally made it to their destination!!!

Yipee! I am so relieved!!

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow....(can you tell I went to a good old fashioned Christian church on Sunday that sings the doxology every Sunday. Love it!!)

Now on to the sewing.

Thanksgiving week was busy and full and then I was gone all weekend (I will try to post a few pictures later this week) so I didn't get a chance to sew until last night. I ended up finishing my Precision Piece Block,

started some Christmas trees, (maybe a runner?)

and made the mug rug top. It still needs quilted and some finishing touches to make it special and ready to be wrapped up for Sunday's meeting!

(Sorry, I am not sure why they are upside down!)

What a wonderful evening. I miss sewing when it has been awhile since I have been able to get to it!

Have a lovely Wednesday evening y'all!!