Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catching my breath!

I have finally done it.

I knew that this would happen eventually...

I pretty much always say yes to everything.

It is as if I don't know how to say no.

Now I have reached a point where I think I have officially overwhelmed myself.

I like to stay busy, but I think I may have pushed the envelope a little too much.
(And my weekly responsibilities haven't even all started yet!)

It is CRAZY busy as work (like I just want to quit busy-but that is better than being slow-it is just that I can feel the stress pushing down on me constantly and it wears me out!)

Wedding season has begun, which means most weekends are full.
(Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I absolutely LOVE it, I am just tired from being so busy!! Or maybe I am getting OLD!!)

Starting next weekend, I will also have play tryouts/practice/etc. twice a week that I am completely responsible for the music portion. -YIKES-

And I am still trying to fit some sewing time in there whenever I can.
I really need to work on some projects for upcoming events (graduation, birthday's, babies, etc.) and some basic sewing that I still haven't done for the house. (bed ruffle, duvet, curtains, etc.)(I finally got around to quilting mom's sudoku quilt and gave it to her!)
(and more fabric...I know, I know, I was just saying I had enough...but apparently I can't say no to a good deal on cute fabric!)

Last weekend I actually had some free time (since it didn't work out for me to go up to Indy with my parents to visit my Grandparents) so I worked in the sewing room pretty much all day on Saturday and then went to the AMQG May meeting on Sunday at Whipstitch. (We went to Flip after the meeting and met the owner!!)

Then Sunday evening Kev & I ran up to Home Depot and finally checked another project off the to do list! He bought and installed a new kitchen faucet for me!!In case I don't say it often enough
(like when I am thinking how much I want to kill him since he has me doing this horrible INSANITY workout!!)
I sure do LOVE my guy!!

Another bright point...
After a long day at work I do have something to help me relax...
before I fall asleep from exhaustion!
I bought a new book by Elizabeth Aston last week.


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

okay I'm tired just reading all that!!
And I thought I stayed busy......WHEW!!!

LOVE the new faucet!! GO Kevin Go!!!


Busy, busy, busy! You are so busy! How do you have so much energy! I love your quilt material! And you are such the Austin fan! I love the new faucet too! You are blessed with such a great and handy hubby!

Andy's Bethy said...

I know I started a comment about your faucet, but I think I got distracted before it ever got sent a few days ago. Sorry.
It looks good!