Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's good to see you smile...

This is what my sweet hubby whispered in my ear this morning when I hugged him goodbye as we were each heading off to work.

We had been talking about yesterdays bible reading, the news, etc. (our regular morning discussions as we are getting ready) and I guess something made me smile.

Apparently, it has been awhile since I smiled. That would mean it has been quite noticeable that I haven't been myself as of late. But thanks to all your encouraging words, heartfelt prayers, and a thoughtful gift from my Mr. last night, I feel like I am starting to be myself again.

Here is what Kev came home with last night.He said when he saw it, he knew I would want to read it since I loved Little Women so much.
(He also said it would be better than what I am reading right now...I started Wuthering Heights-I am only 2-3 chapters into it so far, I find myself too tired to read at night lately!)

How did I get blessed with such a thoughtful guy!?!

Last weekend's wedding was wonderful,
the play tryouts were fantastic,
this week is full again...
I have play practice tonight,
and two weddings this weekend,
so I may not have a chance to write again for awhile....


before another moment goes by I wanted to say


for all your sweet and encouraging words of wisdom and your prayers!

It has been felt by me, and I know that I am blessed to have you all in my life!

You are all so wonderful!!

(P.S. check out this post, it is an encouraging read!)

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