Friday, August 29, 2008

Doesn't look like I am going to Texas-but maybe?!?!

Well, I have had a busy week...

Last weekend Kev and I got to visit with the Freeman crew...

I was able to take the day off work (who-hoo) and get some stuff done around the house (However, it is still a mess-maybe that will be a project for this weekend!!) visit with Kels & Mare on Skype, go on a walk with my neighbor (who has three adorable little girls) & meet with some friends of the family to work on wedding plans. (I LOVE weddings!!)

after work mom, Betsy and I went to a movie together! We saw House Bunny-cute girls night out movie, but I am sure Kevin will want to see it because he loves Anna Ferris. We also did some shopping and visiting and had a wonderful time-of course!! You gotta love girls night out-especially when it is with two of your best friends in the world!!

So...all week we have been waiting to see if I would start my cycle so that we would know if I am able to go to Texas or not, I spoke to my nurse today and she did say that I could come in as late as Tuesday morning if I start sometime over the weekend, so in a way that sounds like a go, but right now the plan is for the 'rents to leave on Saturday evening and get back Tuesday night, so that wouldn't work!-So I guess it is still sounding like a no-but maybe we could work it out-I don't know...(Mary, if I am not able to come, please set up your web cam on Skype so I can feel like I am there helping you set up your apartment and decorate and stuff!!)

If we do stay home-I think we will try to stay with Betsy and the boys at Mom and Dad's on Saturday (since they will be off to Texas). So that would be fun!! (I think we should go camping if we stay home, but I am sure it is too late to try to get a campground at this point, we will have to look into that!!)

Side note: I am sooooo ready for the Fall! I really love it when it starts to cool off and the leaves change colors and everything just seems so peaceful and beautiful!! Plus, you get to start wearing layers of clothing, which is my favorite-I don't know if I could live somewhere that was really cold all the time, but I like to be all bundled up!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Picking up Betsy and the boys!!!

I am so excited!! Kevin and I are driving down to Macon in a little while to pick up Betsy and the boys!!! YEAH!!!! I can't wait to see my sis and nephews!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another weekend...(I think that is all I write about)

So I just wanted to give an update. After I visited the Dr. last Wednesday (total waste of $$ in my opinion since all they did was fax in the order for my prescription-which ended up not going thru and had lots of drama there, I will touch on that later-and showed me how to take the shot-since I grew up with a diabetic in the house this was nothing new!!) So, now on to the prescription drama, the fax was having issues going through and so the mail-order pharmacy company kept saying they didn't have it. Finally, after multiple calls and faxes-I think my nurse was about to go crazy she was so mad it wasn't going through-it went through and they called me to get it delivered. Then, since I possibly needed the meds ASAP, they were going to charge me extra since it was going to be a weekend delivery! Insurance didn't cover the meds, but the pharmacy company that I ordered the prescription from signed me up for something that gave a discount so that was nice since it was a ton of dough!! (for a couple little bottles of medicine that I will be able to use for only one cycle!! This is NOT going to be cheap, but I really am excited about it, and very hopeful that this will work!!) I ended up getting it delivered over the weekend without the extra charge, (yeah!!) however still no start on the new cycle, so really didn't need it delivered over the weekend after all!!

Dad took Mary to Texas over last weekend so mom came over Friday night and spent the night and I also went up to her place for awhile on Sunday. We had a
ton of fun shopping for new accessories, decor, etc. for my living room. We got new curtains, a wonderful rug, a huge clock and 2 metal wall hangings. (There went my birthday money I was saving and more!!) (Side note: I also found a beautiful cabinet at a yard sell for my kitchen, but I wasn't sure if it would fit so I didn't get it. Now that I have the measurements, I think it will work perfectly! I have the guy's phone number-it is an antique and he had a business card-so I will hope to call him as soon as we get all the living room stuff finished and see if he still has it.)

Our living room project is nearly finished, apparently the laying of the floor was the easy part, the baseboards and quarter round are taking longer-or maybe it is just because I was not really much help over the weekend since I was shopping!!) We got most of the baseboards down last weekend, but not all yet and we still need to put in the quarter round, so I guess we will be busy with that next weekend or one night this week. Plus we still need to find some transition boards for the entryway and our fireplace area. As soon as it is all complete I will take some pictures and post them. I really love how it is all turning out!!

Sunday morning I was actually able to talk to Mom (she as at home at this point), Dad & Mary (in Dallas, TX) and Kelsey and Travis (in Uganda) on Skype. It was soooo wonderful!!! (Wish you had been online to Betsy!!) I am a true lover of Skype right now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our new living room floor!

Hey I got the picture from Kevin so here is our new living room floor. I love it!! Now we just need to do all the finish work and put the living room back together so we can have our house back! Kevin and I ended up staying up until around 3:30AM Monday night putting together our new t.v. cabinet. (We got a late start since we didn't get home until late, there was a big HOA meeting...drama in the neighborhood!!) Once we finally do get the room put back together I think it will look wonderful!!
Next room on the list is the Kitchen. I think when we moved in originally we thought we would just live here a few years and move on to another house to create our dream home, but since the market is bad right now, we are just making our home closer to what we want. However, since we can't add-on a basement, I don't think it will be our forever home, but it is kinda fun doing these projects and watching our home improve-and with our own hands. I have always been a fan of all home improvement shows, so I guess we are just putting all that t.v. watching time we did to good use!!
My Dr. Appt. is today, so I will most likely be writing later today about what I learn. I hope the needles aren't too long. I am used to being around needles somewhat-since Betsy is Diabetic- but I don't know how good I am going to be about giving MYSELF the shot!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Busy Weekend!

I had another busy weekend!! I was sick all week with a cold. I know, I know, it is summer, how did I get a cold? Who knows!!! . (I even had to stay home from work-it has been awhile since I was that sick!!) So I was well enough to go into work for most of the day on Friday, so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed today, Monday's are busy enough on their own without having to add in a pile of work from the week before!! Once Kevin got home he started taking apart the living room and before I finally said I am crashing and went to bed around midnight we had all the furniture and a start at the carpet removed from the living room. (A neighbor did help with the baby grand, but the couch and everything else I helped Kevin move-yes ME the girl who doesn't like to lift more than 20 pounds even when I am well!!)
Saturday morning we removed the rest of the carpet and pulled off the baseboards. After a few errands (we needed some tools) and some lunch for Kevin we finally started on the floor around 3pm. The first few rows were slow going, but once we got a hang of it we moved pretty fast, by 7 I was starving and so I cooked dinner (somehow since our piano, coffee table and a chair are in the kitchen along with our kitchen table!!) while helping Kevin lay out the boards. (I was put in charge of telling him which ones go where so that we would hopefully end up with a good pattern!) By 10:30 I was exhausted and told Kevin I was retiring for the night.
We only had 6 rows left to complete the next morning!! (Kevin has some pictures, I will try to remember to post those tonight!) And after giving it a good cleaning we took the afternoon and evening off to visit with mom, dad and Mary. (Since she is leaving us this week to head off the Texas!!) So we totally overbid how much wood we would need, we have 6 boxes left (over $300 worth) and so now we have to decide what to do with it!! We bought it at the Home Depot clearance store so we can't take it back. I guess we will have to see if it is enough for another room, or try selling it.
Since we didn't put on the baseboards, quarter round, or room transition boards (whatever those are called) we still have our furniture all over the house and garage! Which means this morning when we woke up for work, we had to find our way out of our house through the maze of furniture stacked in every possible square inch! We will have to put in the baseboards and quarter round some time during this week so we can put all the furniture back in it's place! Home Depot here we get felt pads to put on the furniture, and all the base molding, etc. etc!!! It will be nice when it is all done so we can have a real home again!!
Oh, other news since I wrote last...I set up a Skype account and Kevin said he is going to get me a web cam so I can talk to all my sisters while we are all far away from each other!!! Also, I called the Specialist today, Kevin and I have decided to try the Shots (Gonadotropin) with an IUI for this next cycle. I have an appt. on Wed. to learn how to do the shots because I have to give them to myself. (Well, they say you or your husband, but Kevin said there is NO WAY he would give me a shot!!) So, anyhow I am excited about this next step in the process & I am really hopeful on this one. I hope it works!! -I will most likely write more after my appt. on Wed. since that is when I will be learning more about the Gonadotropin shots, etc.-

Monday, August 4, 2008

My weekend...

So I had a very eventful weekend!!

It started with my Dr. appointment on Friday. It was time to see the specialist again and try to decide what the next step is based off what happened last cycle. He gave me three options, but really only recommended two. He said we could do the same thing again (this is the one he didn't really suggest because my body obviously didn't respond well to the Clomed). The second option is to do the Gonadotropin shots with an IUI, or do the shots and then IVF. Either way the cost goes up immensely, but especially with the IVF. The nurse gave me an encyclopedia worth of papers to read through to help us in the decision making process and I went back to work. (Side note here: Thanks mom for coming to this appt. with me. It was great to have someone else there to help me remember all the questions I needed to ask!!)

After work I ran some more errands for stuff that we needed for our Neighborhood's big event that Heidi-one of my neighbors-and I planned for Saturday. We had Williamson Brothers Catering the event and then swimming and prizes, and planned on ending the evening with a movie. (We had a company scheduled to come out and show the movie on a big blow-up screen by the pool.)
Saturday I went to a baby shower and met some really wonderful ladies there who actually have gone through the same things I am going through. Several ended up getting pregnant and others ended up adopting. Either way, they were all so sweet and wonderful and full of advice as I am trying to decide what the next step in the process is. Even though I had just met them all that day, they were all so encouraging and laughing that I would be the next baby shower they would attend!! Thanks for all the advice...I really appreciate everything I learned from you about insurance, etc... You are wonderful & I will keep you posted with what happens!! Also, several of the ladies had their babies at the shower and it was great to hold them & see them. Little Audrey was was especially fun to hold an Audrey since that is a name I have seriously considered!! So far I am not dealing with bitterness like I hear happens in this situation, so I am thankful for that. The only thing is that it feels like since I have been trying to get pregnant, everyone I know has gotten pregnant, many without meaning too!! God is really helping me through this whole process though, because really I don't feel bitter, just maybe a bit jealous, or wondering why! I know God will lead me through this and in the end it will all be for the best!!

After the shower I ran a few last errands and got back to the neighborhood to set up for the event. Set up was great and we had several people there to help and the evening started out great. We did end up with rain, which means we rescheduled the movie to another night, but it was still fun overall and we are already making the plans for the next event!! The entire night I was able to hold Anna (my neighbor's 3 month old). She was so good and it was such a joy!! Our other neighbor also had her newborn (only 10 days old) there. She was sooooo tiny! What miracles babies are!!!

Sunday Kevin & I ended up buying hardwood floors for the living room, so I guess next weekend is now full with that project. We will have to see, I really want to get down to visit Betsy and after talking to her Sunday night, I want to even we will have to see what happens. I am really excited about getting the floor down, I think it will look great!!!