Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Youngest Miss Ward -A review

One of the library books I recently picked up was another Joan Aiken called The Youngest Miss Ward. Aiken creates another sister for the Ward sisters from Austen's Mansfield Park.
The first Joan Aiken book I read I despised, but I gave her another try and really enjoyed the last two I had read of hers, so I was excited about this one!

There were parts of the book that I didn't like, but overall I was enjoying the book until I got to the very end.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the ending of this book.

The plot twist in the end was more than I was expecting,...and I was trying to prepare myself for the worst, but it was still more shocking than I could have imagined! Then, as I was trying to accept the change in the ending, come to terms with this outcome and feel like I could still be happy for the main character I read the last few letters at the end of the book (the style of the book goes back and forth between regular chapters and letters written between some of the books characters) and I just wanted to cry!

Why oh why did Aiken want to end this story as she did?!?

Overall I would not recommend this book. Except for Hatty, the main character, there aren't really any other characters that I cared for. Although her characters are interesting, they are not characters that you love, or would care to know more about, the ones I did like were killed off or not developed. If you read this book my advice is just to stop before you get to the last chapter or two and make up your own ending!!

I am not finished with Joan Aiken yet! I realized the other day that I actually own one of her books, The Watsons and Emma Watson, so I will put this one up to the top of my to read list! Hopefully I will like this one, since I own it, and also so that I am not at a 50/50 ratio of like/dislike when it comes to her books!!
Next up is The Host, by Stephanie Meyer (because it is a library book and I have already had to re-check it out THREE TIMES, since I have been too busy to get around to reading it!!)

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Carrie said...

I really need to get back in the swing of my book challenges! I really think I overdosed in January, ha ha! I think I will skip this author...its not worth the 50/50 chance to me! ha!