Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I had a busy weekend...Kev and I watched ACT 1's production of Dracula on Friday night.

I spent the night at mom and dad's because Saturday morning I had a meeting with a bride and her mother about a wedding next May (this is a mother who has two daughters getting married next year...one in May and the other in November!) I am so excited about working with this family because the daughters names are Bethany and Amelia...which is my older sister's name and one of my nicknames!! I think we were meant to work together!!

Saturday afternoon I ran a ton of errands, and spent a few minutes at one of our neighbor's Halloween party. (I didn't dress up, but Kev did-this is the one holiday he actually likes to participate in!!)
Here is Kevin with the hostess of the party, Windy.

I borrowed a little hat and broom for the photo so I could try to fit in with all the costumes!!

Sunday I finished getting things together for our neighborhood Halloween Event. It was a good turn out with some happy little princesses, Iron Mans (he was a favorite this year for sure!), Super Mario Brothers, Alice in Wonderland characters and more! The kids all looked adorable and I wore my mom's plaid shirt from the 70's with some jeans, cowboy boots and a straw cowboy hat, to feel a part of the holiday! (Sorry, I don't have any pictures to steal off fb, that is where I was hoping to grab some, like the ones in the upper portion of this post...come on neighbors-post your pictures online so I can use them!! =) Please!!)

After break down the trick-or-treating started! Kevin dressed up as Michael Myers to see if he could get some good scares in, so as I was handing out candy, he came out of the bushes by our door and scared this one kid (had to be around 10-11) so bad he just left without any candy-the other kid he was with grabbed the candy I was handing him and they ran!! So funny!! Later, Kev was just standing there in the front yard when another group came by that had a little tiny princess with them. She just walked right up to him and asked "What's your name?" So cute!!!

I woke up Monday with a sore throat and it is still with me today, so hopefully I am not getting sick!! I am just keeping a throat lozenge handy and trying not to talk unless necessary. (Which I answer phones all day at work, so this isn't working out too well, but so far it isn't worse so that is good news...it just isn't getting any better either!)

P.S. Check out my adorable nephews and sister (and crazy brother-in-law) in my sister's Halloween post! She and her friends that they went "Happy Halloweening" with gave out thank you notes!! I hope I am that great when I have kids to take trick-or-treating!! (Sounds like a lot of work to me, but it would help teach your kids about being appreciative for gifts they receive!)


Andy's Bethy said...

Kevin cracks me up, jumping out of the bushes to scare kids. Poor thing, leaving his candy behind - I bet he didn't live that down for awhile!
I love your comment "come on neighbors - post your pictures" Everyone shares in the great world of the www! Which reminds me... I am supposed to be E-mailing pics to someone.
Off I go. Love you, and get well sissy.

em's scrapbag said...

Looks like some fun Holloween festivities. Hope you are feeling better.

Megan said...

LOL @ your hub scaring the kids. My hub likes to do that too!

Sounds like a fun time was had by all! :)