Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8 Random Questions Tag

My sister tagged me...so here are my answers. I will not tag anyone else for two reasons: 1)I am not sure if I know 8 other people who blog consistently, and 2)I don't want to have to come up with 8 random questions. (Hello Ms. Lazy, how are you today!)
If I get the motivation by the time I get to the end of this post, I will type them out at the bottom and you can consider yourself tagged if you are reading this and want to respond. (Or just leave it in my comments if you don't want to do an entire blog post.)

Here are the 8 questions:

1.) What is your favorite childhood memory?
I am one of those annoying people who feel like there childhood was as perfect as could be. I could not have asked for better parents or siblings. I grew up in a home with two loving parents and 3 sisters who I still consider my best friends, so I am not sure if I could pick just one memory.
I love all of my childhood, but if I have to pick only one thing, at least at this moment, it would be living in India for three months when I was a teenager. I know that is more than one specific memory, but I can't pick one moment in time. Our lives changed forever, and for the good, in that experience. We were always close, but this made us even closer. I hope that I am able expose my children to such meaningful and amazing experiences when I become a parent.

2.) If you could have any job, what would it be, and why?
My answer is two part. I would be a part time wedding coordinator and a full time mother. I am at least part way here, hopefully the rest will come soon!!!!

3.) What is your favorite sport?

I am really not a sports person. I try to show at least some interest, for my husbands sake, but in reality, I could care less. I guess I like football, because that means Fall is here and the Holidays (my favorite time of year!) are approaching.

4.) Have you ever done something "dangerous" - and how do you define that?

For me daily life is dangerous because I am a klutz, but as far as something daring and adventurous, I am not sure. I had no fears as a child and would try anything. (Climbing just about anything and everything, plus I had no notion of strangers or danger, so I felt safe and comfortable anywhere and everywhere-which could put you in dangerous situations-thankfully I was always with someone else who would keep me from walking right into trouble!)
After breaking my back in a car accident during the summer after my freshman year in college I became a different person in many ways. One of those things that changed about me was my adventurous spirit...I became much more cautious person. (And now that I am approaching the milestone of leaving my 20's and entering my 30's I am becoming even more cautious!!)

5.) What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas, hands down. I love pretty much all of the Holidays, but Christmas is my absolute fave without a doubt!!! I love everything about it, the music, the baking, the time with family, the kindness that is felt in the air. I even enjoy the craziness at the malls and on the road, because I know that is a part of the Holiday season here in the US, so even though it can be frustrating to be stuck in traffic, I can't help but smile!

6.) When is your average bedtime?

I normally am in bed between 11-1 each night. I know that is a 2 hour window, but that is the best average I can give you. I like to be in bed by 11, but that doesn't always happen.

7.) What is your favorite song (right now)?
I don't think I have just one favorite song, but I have already started listening to Christmas music. (I know it is before Thanksgiving, but I can't help it...I love Christmas music!!!)

8.) In one word, describe yourself.
Since I am a wordy person, I am not sure if I could describe myself in one word, that would be a juxtaposition. However, if I must...I guess I would say I am


because, I really am, most of the time, a super happy gal! "I like life, life likes me"...(song from Scrooge) and another song "Happiness" (which we would always fast forward as children watching this movie, because we found it boring!)

OK, So I have answered all of the 8 random questions I was given, now lets see if I have 8 for you...

1) What is the most recent thing that made you smile?
2) What are you craving at this exact moment?
3) Is there a movie you are looking forward to watching in the next few weeks?
4) What is your favorite Thanksgiving (or any holiday) food?
5) If you could go anywhere this weekend, where would you go and why?
6) Who is the last person you said "I love you" to?
7) If you could visit any time in history what time would you choose?
8) What color are your eyes, and does anyone else in your family have the same color?

There you go...I think those are pretty good if I do say so myself!! Hope you find them interesting and random enough! If you answer them, please link it back here so I can read them. (Or just put them in my comments.)


Abigail said...

i'm right with you on Christmas and Christmas music! When friends comment about me ignoring Thanksgiving, I tell them "I'm celebrating Thanksgiving, it just so happens that what I'm really really thankful for is that it's almost Christmas!" :-) I might answer your questions tonight, it looks like it could be fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the sport answer!! Sounds about like mine would be...although after 15 years of marriage I'm finding football is growing on me. ACK!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your answers and will take part as well.