Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Precision Piecing Class

First a little note about my Saturday. After a full morning of baking, (I made zucchini bread and chocolate chip cookies & cookie bars!) I had two wedding meetings in Cartersville. I was looking at the location (with the Brides mom) for a wedding in May, and going over some details about flowers, decor, etc at 4, then at 6 I had a meeting with a bride about final details, etc. for a Dec 31st wedding at Stonewall Manor.
As I am leaving my first meeting (with 30 minutes to spare) my car wouldn't start! This happened to me a few weeks ago, so I replaced my battery...then it happened again, but I was at work, and my boss just jumped me off and all was well. That weekend Kevin looked at it for me and said a connection was loose, he tightened it, and showed me how to and that was that.
Well, I completely forgot about the whole tightening the loose connection thing and just sat there dumbfounded and a bit angry. Then I got my act together and checked to see if I could find my jumper cables...nope they aren't in my car, great! So then I called my family (since the don't live too far away) to see if they could come jump me or pick me up, thankfully Mary was close by and came over.
However, in the meantime I looked up the second brides number to let her know I would be a few minutes late to our meeting and saw that our meeting was actually at 5, not 6!!! How did I do that, I am not sure, but I called and apologized and let her know I would be there as soon as I could, and she was sweet and said she had met with Penni and gone over most things, and was going to look around with her photographer and would see me when I got there.
Then I called Kev, who in turn yelled at me for not remembering about the tool he gave me and the whole tightening the loose connection thing (He says I am irresponsible since I forget everything, I just say I have too much going on to remember everything I am told!!)
The good news is, as Mary was pulling up, I got my car started...which means I went on to my meeting (I was super late for) and she went over and bought the HP7 (part 1) movie tickets so that Kev, Mare & I could all go see it that night after my second meeting!! (Thanks again for the tickets Mary, you're the best!!)
By the way, HP7 (part 1) was fantastic! There was a good amount of time spent setting up for the finale, but I think they did a great job at getting us some action in this film as well. As usual, there is so much missing from the book, but it still tells the story, and I am going to be waiting in anticipation for next July when the final movie will open!!

OK, now on to the point of this blog post...

Sunday I took a Precision Piecing class at Little Quilts in Marietta with a few other ladies from the AtlMQG.

Wanda was our teacher and she was fantastic! (Especially, since she didn't yell at me when I was a few minutes late to class since I had to run by Joannes and pick a few things up, and of course got stuck in a super long line, and the register I went to stopped working so we had to move to another one...which then ran out of receipt paper so I had to wait for it to reboot...on and on until I was late for class!!!)

The block we made (or at least started) was a finished 12" block made up of 9-4 1/2" blocks. (talk about some tiny pieces!)

It was from 12-5, which I thought seemed long for a class, but I didn't even finish my block! We really learned about the importance of measurements...for cutting & sewing so that your block comes out the correct size!!

I had to make 3 center blocks (which should have been the easiest block out of the 9, but I found the hardest!!) and still just had to go with the one that was the closest to being right!!

The corner blocks I didn't have as much issues with, and got all four of them done. I got to use paper templates for that, which I had never done before and thought it was pretty cool!! The last four blocks (which appeared to be the hardest looking, but turned out to be the easiest for me) went together perfectly the first time! I only got two of them sewn together, but I got it all cut, so I was close to being done!

After the class Kev and I met my cousin Sarah and her hubby Colin for dinner. They are in town for the Holidays with his family (they live in Colorado) and later my sister Betsy and her hubby Andy showed up and we all had a great visit.

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