Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pictures from the November AtlMQG Meeting

Here are a few pictures from the November Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild Meeting on Sunday, November 7th at Tiny Stitches in Marietta.

Andi's current project-a quilt as you go process-she was wanting our opinion on how to make it larger since the pattern wasn't going to make the final product as big as she wanted.

The finished Ga Textile Museum quilt top. We decided what pattern of quilting and color of thread we wanted.

Heather (a new member this month) showed us her first quilt she is working on for her daughter. She was wanting help with the binding process so she can finish it once and for all!!

Karin shared a purple quilting project she needed some inspiration to finish (I actually took it home with me to see if I have something I can trade her for it, I am in love with one of the blocks especially!!)

Kathy (another new member)shared her grandmother's quilt top that she needed help decided how to finish it. Her grandmother's birthday is in January and she wants to have it done for her by then.

Krystina shared some blocks she was working on, along with a quilt she had nearly finished and two quilt tops she had made.

Stacy showed us her current project, a quilt she is hand quilting for her niece for Christmas. (Which she is giving to her at their family Thanksgiving get together.)

Rae shared her sister's quilt that she is working on, and needed some inspiration on how to complete the layout for the quilt top/border/backing.

Nicole has become addicted to making hexi's (thanks to Andi) and so she showed us her progress so far...she plans on making a bed size quilt this way!

I didn't take this to the meeting (and you will have to turn sideways to look at it because I am too lazy to turn the picture right side up at as I am posting this) but here is a picture of what I did all day on Saturday. I made the Santa blocks for the second Holly Jolly Swap that I am doing with APP. I LOVE how they turned out!!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Love the santa. That hexi looks KILLER! ouch.