Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I got my package from Amazon yesterday at work. I ordered something for Kels, and the new Christmas c.d. from Enya (which I listened to all afternoon at work!) and a DVD. (I am in a bad relapse with my DVD buying addiction, I got better for awhile, but too many good movies have been coming out recently!! However, I was very proud of myself because I stopped at Hollywood video on my way home yesterday evening-I saw online that they were having a great sell-and I pick out a big pile of DVD's, but realized what I was doing and walked out without getting ONE because I knew I didn't have the money for that right now!! Even though we aren't officially doing Christmas presents this year, I am sure I will most likely end up getting a least a little something for everyone, and even little somethings add up quick when you have a big family, so I need to be saving money, not spending right now!)

I was reading some sewing/knitting blogs today (it is soooo slow at work today!) and realized that my blogging skills are horrible!! I am not good at getting my pictures uploaded/downloaded, whatever it is called, from my camera to post online, so I never put in any pictures! Although I don't usually make New Years resolutions, maybe I will try to make one this year and that will be to become less technicaly/computer challenged!! Also, reading all the fun blogs really made me want to sew more. I have actually been into sewing/crocheting/knitting lately, but haven't really completed much! (Except all the baby blankets I have been crocheting since almost EVERYONE I know is pregnant or just recently had a baby!) Several of the blogs I read were into making clothes from retro patterns. I have never really been into making clothing-I buy on the clearance rack, so my clothes are cheaper bought than if homemade-but it did make me want to make a dress or something.

Kevin normally works late on Tuesdays (he usually gets home around 1:30-2AM) so I try to use Tuesdays to watch a chick-flick, or do something that he wouldn't enjoy. (BTW-while I am talking about Kevin-I just want to say how proud I am of my hubby! He had his review at work last week and ended up getting a good raise, a promotion & all positive feedback! Yeah!!) Yesterday, since I worked the early shift, I had plenty of time (I actually got home BEFORE dark!) so I started the Christmas decorating!! I got a good amount done before going to bed fairly early, I had to be into work early again today and so I was in bed before 11. I had so much fun singing along to the Bing Crosby Christmas music (I also played some Trans Siberian Orchestra & Third Day's Christmas album) as I put away my regular decor (elephants galore) and put up the Christmas decor. All that is left to do is the Bethlehem Village (I don't know where that will fit this year, I am thinking of putting it on the piano-which is currently residing in the kitchen!!-I will have to post a picture if I ever figure out how too!) and we also still need the tree. Not sure where to fit that this year either since we rearranged the livingroom when we put down the hardwood floors. (I really will try to get a picture of everything once I figure out what to do with everything and it is decorated and post it!) Lastly, we will need to tackle the outside, but other than a small fake tree on the front stoop-which I should upgrade, but will most likly wait until the after Christmas sales this year-the outdoor decor is Kevin's job. (Which might be why we have only had Christmas lights one year out of the five years we have lived here!!-I don't blame him though, I wouldn't want to get on the roof!!)

I am excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I realized I didn't even check to be sure I have everything I need for the yeast rolls I am in charge of. I guess I might be making a last minute run to our Super Target or Kroger this evening if I need something still. I love our family's yeast rolls, I think they are one of the things about the holidays we all look forward to the most! They are made with real butter (tons of it!!) and are quite a chore, but Thanksgiving and Christmas wouldn't feel right without them!! I still remember learning how to make them with Aunt Jan and Memaw!! I love making them because it gives me a great reason to actually wear one of my many aprons (I have a collection of old aprons) because flour is everywhere when you knead the dough and cut them out! Plus it is one of the few things I bake from scratch. I am not a big cook and I don't bake much. Grandma B's Zuchinni bread & the Chocolate Chip Cookies from my Betty Crocker Cookbook (which are the cookies I grew up baking from my mom's Betty Crocker Cookbook!) are the two things I make from scratch!! Other than that, I boil or steam fresh veggies, boil or broil chicken, and bake sweet potatoes. (And of coarse I use my popcorn maker for my popcorn addiction!!) Since my kitchen skills are limited, I usually get the most use out of my kitchen during the holidays when I am baking goodies for my friends, neighbors and coworkers. Which reminds me, I totally need to plan a cookie baking day-and I want to see if anyone wants to start a cookie swap tradition. I read about it in a BH&G magazine one year and it sounds like fun! I need to start having some girl time, now that all my sisters have moved far away I need some girlfriends. Maybe I shoud start a book club, bible study, or knitting/crochet group to meet on Tuesdays when Kevin is at work! Of course, then that would interrupt everyone else's evening as well, and their husbands probably don't work the late shift on Tuesdays!! Oh well, it was a good idea for a moment!

Side note, I forgot to mention in my last blog that over the weekend I got to meet our neighbors newest addition, little Madison Susanne. She is so tiny and adorable!! You can tell her big brother is so proud!! I couldn't tell what Alex thought of her yet, but Dillon was completely smitten with his newest little sis! We got to see her all bundled up in her carseat on Sunday when we were decorating the front of the neighborhood. It was really funny because we were all talking about her and how none of us had seen her yet when they pulled up! I hope to really get to see her Monday night when Rachel and I take over dinner, whoops, I don't get home until late on Mondays. Guess I will just have to send my part of the dinner with Rachel and try to get by another time.

Well, in case I don't get online anytime tomorrow. Remember all your blessings, not just on this special day, but always! God is so good-I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


mom0ktdid said...

You shouldn't dismiss the girl time on Tuesdays idea. I have made so many great friends from this very same thing! A book club, a bible study, and scrapbooking...they all give me my random time away each month and nothing can compare with great girl time!! go for it!!!

andysbethy said...

Yummy yummy rolls! Hurray for Thanksgiving, and the excuse to be unhealthy!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

hey girl....I'm all for a girls Tuesday...a Bible study or cookie exchange. I cook a TON at the holidays and would love to do something hem...crochet lessons would work for me too (hint hint!!) And we wouldn't have to go to far to get together :-)

I've always wanted to have a cookie exchange at the holidays, but so many around us don't cook so wasn't sure if anyone else would want to. THANKS again so much for helping me with dinner Monday. Oh she was cute!!!