Monday, November 3, 2008

Life goes on...and Happy Birthday Babe!

la da de, la da da, life goes on, naaaa na na na na life goes on. Does anyone else remember that song from that t.v. show. I don't think I ever really watched it, but I remember the actress that was on "Christy" was one of the kids.

O.K. back to the point...I have been keeping busy the last few days. Friday afternoon Mom and I got off a little early and we loaded her car up with the boxes of stuff I was getting rid of that were everywhere in the office. Once Kevin got home, mom headed on home and we got ready for the trick-or-treaters and the "Trail of Terror" (a little trail through an area in our neighborhood that some of the guys put together for the neighborhood kids.) Kevin was Michael Myers from "Halloween" and he was really scary!! I had fun visiting with Rachel as the little trick-or-treaters came out for candy and only ended up spending a few minutes actually handing out candy at our own door, which makes Kevin happy because we have plenty of candy left over!! It was hilarious when Kevin scared some of the older kids in the neighborhood!!
I did some shopping Saturday and at one point in the day I was really cold and Kevin had been trying to get me to try to add something to my diet for awhile now, so I had some hot tea while I was finishing pulling out my winter clothes and it was wonderful!!! I have really missed drinking something with flavor since currently all I drink is water! Barbara, Larry and Micki came over Saturday night for dinner. (Barbara made her homemade speghetti for Kevin's birthday.) Aunt Flow came for a visit late Saturday night, so it is official for sure now, not pregnant! I watched John McCain open SNL.
Sunday morning I woke up pretty early. (It was even earlier than normal since we gained an hour Saturday night!) I got to talk to Kelsey for awhile on Skype!!!! I haven't been able to talk to her in forever!!! (Later Mary, Kelli and Rachel got on as well.)
Kevin and I went to church and the pastor was preaching right to me. God really seemed to work it all out perfectly, it was what I needed to hear!! The sermon was about coveting the next part of your life and I was totally convicted that I have been doing that. I have made becoming a mother like an idol in my life and have been obsessed with it! I really want to be a mother, but I seriously need to relax about the issue and know that God is going to bring it about when the time is right. I know I keep saying that, and I do believe it, but I still keep obsessing over it!! I think I am finally ready to really let go. I don't want to make anything more important than my realtionship with God, and I think that is what I have been doing since I have been going through this whole infertility thing. Now I am going to need some major prayer to be able to really let it go, because I still want to be a mom more than anything, but I just need to be sure I am keeping my heart in the right place and not letting that become more important than everything else in my life.
I stayed busy Sunday afternoon and evening with a birthday party (our neighbor's daughter 1st birthday-she actually shares a birthday with Kevin) and Chad and Lisa came over in the evening so before you knew it Monday was here and back to work again! I woke up early this morning, I guess because of the time change, and left Kevin's birthday gift out for him as I left for work. I got him a new wedding band the other day that I was going to give him for Christmas, but he has really been wanting it, so I decided he could go ahead and have it for his Birthday. It is titanium and has a cool cross pattern on it. I got him a titanium ring that he wears on his other hand awhile back (I think a Christmas present one year or something) and he really liked it, so when we saw this one for a great price, I knew I had to get it for him!! I feel bad that I didn't really have anything planned for his 31st birthday, but I feel like this year has really flown by and it came up so fast! Well, it is now almost Tuesday and I should get to bed since I have to get up for work in the morning. Don't forget to vote if you haven't already!!


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

I had no idea. Happy B'day Kevin!
It was great visiting with you too, it always gets so lonely while the kids and Thad are trick or treating. So thanks for making it tons more fun for me!! Ohhhh...I love hot tea, we should get together sometime for tea and knitting/crochet lessons!! :-)

I will be praying!

mom0ktdid said...

Well, it sounds like you are feeling lots better! Praise God for giving us a personal message when we need it! :)

andysbethy said...

I totally meant to call Kevin yesterday. Tell him sorry, and late Happy Birthday, from your loser sister!
Hope his day was happy.

Kelsey and Travis said...

Another loser sister shouting out happy birthday to Kevin. I can't believe that it is already NOV. 5th. So sorry I missed his birthday please give him a big hug for me and Travis.

I am so glad to hear that the Lord spoke to you through the sermon, it is always so amazing how intricately God works those things out. What a wonderful and caring God.

I love you!!!! Kels