Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Christmas Season is here!

I started listening to Christmas music awhile ago but now the season truly seems official. The Holiday festivities have begun!! Friday night I went to see my nephew Canaan in his acting debut in ACT1's production of Miracle on 34th street. He was wonderful, I was a very proud Aunt!! Everyone really did a great job and after to show Mom & I met Betsy (who had driven up with Andy & Zion after Andy got off work) at IHOP to visit. I am so glad she is up here for Thanksgiving and Mare is coming in tonight!! Wish you were here Kels!!

Saturday I slept in until after 11AM!!! I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock, I haven't slept in that late in forever!! I didn't really get much accomplished on Saturday since I woke up so late, but we did get over to see Kevin's cousin's new house. Shannon and Nick got married back in September and they were having an open house for their family and friends to stop by. Their house is adorable, she has really done a great job decorating the place! Although, I did find out sad news, I guess Micki is going to be busy all day on Thursday, so we won't be seeing her on Thanksgiving. Barb & Larry may not make it up to my parent's house either. Saturday night Kevin was craving Mexican food, so we went out to the local Mexican restaurant and then did a little shopping after dinner. Kevin needed some long sleeve shirts and he also found a great wool coat. (But I won't let him wear it this week because I want to be sure to check for one in the after Thanksgiving sales to be sure we got a good deal!!) He also got this cool hat, he doesn't normally wear hats, but I liked this one. He looks like a gangster from the 20's with the hat & wool coat on!

Sunday I got up and decided I needed to clean the house, (so that I can get my Christmas decorations out-plus it was getting scary!!) so we skipped church and I cleaned all morning while Kevin slept in, his very favorite thing to do!! I drank a little organic milk this morning and so we will see how that goes. It tasted soooo wonderful, I LOVE milk!!! We met Betsy, Andy and the boys at Waffle House for a late lunch. (I made a sandwich to take with since I had made some bread on Saturday and had some boiled chicken, fresh spinich, and rice cheese to put with it, I was very proud of my sandwich-it looked kinda like something a normal person would eat!!) Sunday afternoon Betsy helped me put up Christmas decorations at the front of the neighborhood with some other wonderful ladies from the neighborhood. Heidi, Janice, Kelly, Betsy & I worked in the cold (I think we all thought our fingers were going to fall off!) to hang up the garland and bows. Who would have thought that would be such a hard job, but we had to use fishing line to tie everything up, it was like a maze of fishing line when we were done, but it looks great!! Luckily the lights were just left in the trees from last year, so all we had to do was plug them in!! Zion was outside playing the whole time, and tried to help us some as well, he is so adorable!! Canaan was out with us for awhile, but when he went home to use the restroom he decided to stay inside and watch a movie with Uncle Kevin! Sunday night, after Mom had picked up Betsy and the boys (Andy had brought them over so he could see Kevin's corvette, but he had to leave to head back home to Hahira for work!) Kevin and I watched the new "Journey to the center of the Earth" movie. It was pretty cute. I like family friendly movies!! I know at times they can be corny, but they are great!! I had bought it when it first came out (me and my DVD buying addition problem!) but we hadn't had a chance to watch it yet. It actually came with 3D glasses so that you could watch it in 3D, but we just watched it in the regular version, beceause 3D hurts Kevin's eyes and then afterwards watched a few parts in 3D. That was fun! Kevin also pulled out all my Christmas decor from the attic, so I will hopefully be able to get to that this week, and it will really feel like Christmas then!! Oh happy day!!

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mom0ktdid said...

I am thrilled at getting to put up Christmas decorations this weekend! Yay for the holidays!