Monday, November 10, 2008

Sewing, singing and sweet little angels.

What a nice weekend. It still went by too fast, as usual, but I did get a good amount accomplished so that was nice! I did try the rice cheese on Friday night for dinner, but I am not really sure if it caused any problems or not because I was at home the ENTIRE weekend. The ONLY time I went out was late Sunday evening when I went up to Texas Road House with Kevin while he ate dinner. Other than that I was at home sewing all day on Saturday and babysitting my neighbor's adorable girls on Sunday. (I normally have to pee a ton anyhow, so I don't notice whether I am going more often than normal unless I am out and about, but I don't think I went more than normal so I think I will try some more rice cheese this week!)
Saturday I was working on some quilts that I had either started piecing or had wanted to get started. I love taking a stack of fabric and with some cutting, sewing, ironing (and patience) ending up with a beautiful pieced top. I think that piecing and quilting is really a beautiful form of art. I wish I enjoyed quilting as much as the piecing, especially since that is the part that really takes forever, but I normally only work on small projects so that I don't get too overwhelmed!! (Or else it ends up tucked away in a closet or under the bed until I have the strength to pull it out again and try to conquer! I just don't like looking at the same thing for long periods of time!) I also worked on some crocheting that I needed to get done and I nearly finished it so that was great! (It is a perfect thing to do while watching t.v. and when I got home from babysitting on Sunday, Kevin wasn't home, so I watched Atonement(so sad) and crocheted away!)
Sunday I watched my neighbor's three girls, Jules, Ella, & Anna. (Since it was pretty much an all day thing Kevin used the day to sleep in and then run up to my parents to help dad finish the kitchen floor project. What a wonderful guy!) The girls were so good and we had a blast just playing with their dollhouse, dancing and singing to some band's dvd (made for children-with adorable goofy little songs), playing Garfield Monopoly and watching "The Parent Trap" movie (the one with Lindsey Lohan-not the old Haley Mills version I grew up watching).
On my way into work today (running late-I did not want to get out of bed this morning!) I was listening to J93.3 for a moment (not a station I tune into very often, but happened to be listening this morning) and they mentioned that they had Christmas music playing online. I am crazy for Christmas music & I start listening earlier than anyone I know and will start singing Christmas songs at random times throughout the entire year! So, anyway, back to the point, they have a link from their website that you can click on and listen to Christmas music from your computer. I am so excited and have been singing along all day!! Now I just have to wait until the end of the month for B98.5 to start their Christmas music (they usually start on Thanksgiving day) and my drive to and from work will be festive as well!! O happy day!


Abigail said...

it's so funny how opposite we are in quilting. i hate the piecing process. i love when it's finished but it can be overwhelming. but i love doing the quilting!

and i'm totally with you on the christmas music! the poor kids, it's all they've heard lately!

Mandi said...

I love Christmas music, too! I think 98.5 is doing Christmas music on the weekends. My sisters told me that last weekend. Sing your heart out! If we don't spread the cheer, who will? :-)

andysbethy said...

Carrie and I listened to Christmas CD's all the way to Orlando and back again! It must run in the blood! I don't usually start quite this early, but for some reason, it seems "right" this year! Andy isn't quite ready yet, but when he is at work, I will be pulling it out!