Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall is here!

Well, even though it has been warmer the last few days, I am stuck inside at a desk all day, so all I get is my drive to and from work to enjoy the outdoors. Since the time change, it is really only my ride to work that I see anything because it is dark out by the time I leave work at 6. But, to the point, because this isn't a negative blog, I was really enjoying the colors in the trees as I drove in this morning. It was a great morning, not too cold, beautiful sky and FRIDAY!!!
I don't really have any plans for the weekend. I am thinking about doing something with mom on Saturday and I am going to be babysitting my neighbor's girls on Sunday and I want to try a new food this weekend as well. I am excited about slowly growing my range of foods that I eat. I found some cheese made from rice (I guess similar to a ricemilk idea) that I want to try, or my mom got me some almond butter (of all the nuts that is supposed to be the one that I could maybe try) so if I make bread when I get home tonight (thank God for bread machines!!) I might be making a cheese sandwich or trying some toast with almond butter-I guess we will see if I am brave enough to actually go through with it or not. I hate it when I feel bad, so I don't want to be crazy, but if I don't ever try anything, I won't ever improve my diet, so it has to start somewhere. Which reminds me, so far still no issues with the chamomile tea!! Since I added eggs back (I just try to keep it at a minimum, use organic, and so far have only used it to make Zuchinni bread and oatmeal cookies) and wonderful sweet potatoes I have really felt like I have a better balance to my diet already. (Which looking back that was like in March that I added sweet potatoes, so I would say it is time for something new!!) I also have added Bryers All Natural Vanilla ice cream and my joy is back!!! (I am an ice-cream LOVER!!!) Now, I just hope that eventually I can add real milk back. Even though I am very thankful for Ricemilk, nothing compares to the true deliciousness of cow MILK!!!
So, I'm not pregnant, but life is really looking up for me! I am excited for the beautiful weekend we are supposed to have, and ready to start all the fun planning for the Holiday Season that is here!!! So happy it's Friday and so happy I've got a great God who loves me!!! (and has blessed me with sooooo much!!!) Life is good and Fall is here!!!


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

I really need to get you and one of my best friends in touch. She is all natural, organic every thing because of health issues. She has written a preservative free cookbook...I'll try to get a copy of it for you if you are interested. Good luck with the introduction this weekend!!

You are welcome at any time to try our milk. Although you might want to do some personal research first. I have a book you can read about it, etc...but we love it and we have no issues with it in this house and we do with milk from the store even "organic"

andysbethy said...

I am so glad you are eating more again. I didn't know you had added Breyers back! I am so glad!!!! Our family would probably just shrivel up and die without icecream.
Let me know how the new food goes this weekend. I am eager to know if I will be able to bake for you again soon. If you add a few more ingredients, I think I can start making things for you again! Bread for sure, now that you have added eggs, so that will be fun!
Eat, Drink and be Merry little sis!

mom0ktdid said...

Wow, I can't imagine not eating all that stuff. you are one disciplined woman!
I was hoping it would work out for you to come with us this week, but I guess it is just a two gal weekend...have a great day!