Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Sewing & Some Christmas Pictures

I didn't really get any Christmas sewing done this year. I had great intentions of working on the quilts I had started last year, and making a new one as well...but time flew by and Christmas has come and gone without any sewing.

The only thing I finished was the mug rug I did for the AtlMQG swap in December! (Which you have already seen, but I am so proud of here you are again!!)

At the very last minute I did get some Christmas presents made...a baby quilt (which I didn't get any pictures of) for a very special little girl.

I finished the Owl Quilt for my sister.

Made a camera strap cover for Betsy.

And I made scarves for my mom, sisters, mother in law and Grandma Micki. I took the basic idea I had seen online of a few different scarves and made what I wanted. (Here is one of them.)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!! Here are a few pictures of my Christmas day.

I am very excited about 2011...I may even make some New Years Resolutions this year...keep an eye out for them. (However, I have a wedding on New Years Eve and New Years Day, so I may be a little late in getting a post up about them!!)

Oh, I also have seen a book challenge or two I want to do in 2011...even though I lost steam on this year's challenges halfway through the year, I still did a TON of reading at the beginning of the year and I am glad that I was able to get that much done. Maybe this year I will stick with it and get some books read in the later part of the year as well!! (I have plenty on my bookshelf to keep me reading for ages!!!)

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