Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mary's birthday party

Last Saturday my baby sister had her 23rd birthday party!!

Yikes! It is crazy to think that she is 23! (Well, technically she won't be 23 until next Wednesday, so I can stay calm for one more week!)

Here she is wearing little Emily Ann's bow (which she had left at my parent's house last weekend when she was there for Zion's birthday party. Zi, do you remember when Uncle Kevin pretended like he was going to throw you into your awesome Panda cake?
Which Zion's 5th birthday is actually today! Happy Birthday Zi!! I love you!!)

Back to Mary....she has recently become obsessed with owls, so I bought some felt and brought stuff to make little owls during her party. (Yeah, we still like to have activities at our parties like you did when you were a kid...we are cool like that!)

I think everyone had fun making them.
(Well, actually there were a few of us that did the main cutting and sewing and then everyone else joined in on the final decoration part!)

Here are a few of the final products.

One of her best friends, Kelli, made owl cupcakes...they were too cute!

And here is one of Mary's best friends Emily with her little boy Dallas...who is just adorable!!

Overall it was a great night, I didn't get home until around 2AM! It was great to see everyone, I hadn't seen Joelle since I can't remember when! (Lauren and Kristy, Thanks a million for your help with the owls! Love y'all!!)

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