Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautiful Fall weather is here again!

So the cooler weather has come back (With a nice warming up in the middle of the day...so pretty much the perfect weather for Fall!) and I have, as usual, been keeping crazy busy.

All I have to remember this full Fall weekend is the sniffles and a slightly sore throat (from lack of sleep and the cooler weather I wanted) and a two pictures (one of which I stole from my sister's blog)...so I will just share with you a few of the great memories I made during this event-full weekend!

I spent the night at my parents on Thursday night (and got to see my nephews and older sister who were in town visiting) then spent Friday morning helping to set up Stilesboro Academy for Hannah's 16th Birthday Party. Friday afternoon I got a few hours in at work before changing and heading into Atlanta for a good friend's 30th birthday party! (Happy Birthday Mary Beth!) I left the party early to head back up to the 'rents because my third sister was there as well, so all four Binkley girls were together at mom and dad's on Friday night! It was great! I love my sisters more than words can say and it was so wonderful to spend a night all together!

Saturday I ran some errands, finished setting up for the party, did a wedding rehearsal, and still made it back out to Stilesboro Academy in time for the big birthday party. I wish I had pictures...the set up was great, the cake was awesome, and the birthday girl was pleased with the end result so it was a great night! (I do have a close up of my costume...you can't see the full dress, but you get to see my mask, which was pretty fan-tab-ulous if you ask me! I am so glad to have a mom involved in theater so that anything I need is only a trip to the storage unit away!!) It was a late night, but worth it, and a total blast!

Sunday was the wedding day. It was a lovely Fall wedding with pumpkins and fall colors...truly beautiful and a perfect day for it! I was even out the door after clean up before 10:30 so that was nice because I was able to spend a few moments with Kev before falling asleep and starting a new work week Monday morning.

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Andy's Bethy said...

Hope you have more pics of the costumes - hated to miss the party! It was looking great. I got a picture of the room all set up if you need that later, let me know.
Love you!