Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictures from the October AtlMQG Meeting

Since I am having issues getting this pictures to load unto our website...I thought I would just put them here and then put a link to this post on our website. (I am sorry I am not computer savvy enough to make this easy, so we just have to go with what I can do!!)

Here is a quilt that Beth made

Another quilt by Beth

Here is Beth's art quilt (Sorry for the reflection-it was framed!)

This is Andi's current quilt project (a quilt for her bed)

Some blocks Ellen collected in an online swap...there are some AMAZING ones in there!!

Here is a picture of the group as we are getting ready to start the meeting

Here is a pictures of Karen's most recent art quilt, and she showed us the process that she went through when putting it together. (Karen's month to lead the meeting is going to be a fun one, with tons to learn, I can feel it!!)

Here is Karen's fall table runner she made

Here is Pam's art quilt that she did for her work

Here is Krystina's quilt she made while participating in the sew-a-thon at WhipStitch. (So cute, and all made in one night!!)

Nicole's Color wheel quilt...I LOVE this and want to make one so bad!!!

Here are the other two yellow blocks I did for the Textile Museum Project

Here are all the blocks that we collected (there are a few more coming) for the Textile Museum Quilt we are excited to see how this turns out!


Ali said...

All the blocks look amazing together! Looks like our group has so many creative people ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. They look groovy.

Denise in PA said...

Hi! I'm in the Philly Modern Quilt Guild and someone showed a color wheel quilt at our October meeting too! They must be the "in" thing! I want one too o:) Loved seeing the photos of your meeting!