Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little update on life in Emileeville...(sorry no pictures)

I have been carving out time in my schedule to fit in a bit of sewing lately.
(I made 5 pillow covers for Mary's futon on Friday night when I spent the night there after the wedding rehearsal...and one more on Sunday at the AtlMQG sewing day at Rae's.)

I had been really missing it....


this means that something else had to fall by the wayside
(So that I could have time to sew!)

Most of my reading time was already on the "I'll get back to that when I have a vacation" pile yet somehow I cut it out even more and got even further behind in what I was supposed to be getting read this summer. (Sorry Mary, I am a horrible book club person!! I am ready for chapter 5...we are supposed to be through chapter 10 by tonight's meeting...which I am skipping!)
And I can't seem to catch up on my daily bible reading. (It's not really that hard, if you're behind you can't just keep reading one day's worth and then miraculously be caught up!!!)

Blogging (at least regularly) appears to be another casualty in this Summer schedule of mine!

Also, I still haven't met my friend's new baby (I am not sure if you read this, but in case you do I am really trying to work something out Rachel, I do love you and I am really wanting to meet little Jonah!) or one of my sister's best friend's new little guy. (Who actually lives super close to me...and yet I still haven't met him either!!)

In all honesty Kevin and I haven't seen a ton of each other since the Summer began...and I think he was getting a bit jealous of all the other things that have been keeping me away, but we are getting better about making the most of what little time we do have together with our busy schedules!! (And we are one of those couples that are normally just as happy apart doing our own thing as we are when we're together-but we were seeing THAT little of each other!!)

Kev is keeping himself busy working on our "vacation" (more about that later) and I am finishing up things with the youth theater group (the play is at the end of this month) and more weddings...of course!
I had another wedding at Stonewall Manor this weekend and met a new photographer that was fun to work with. His wife is out on maternity leave, but his temporary helper, Kat was super nice as well...(I should probably hold off judgment on how nice they really were until I see if they actually did ERASE all those pictures of me dancing Cupid's Shuffle...)

I am REALLY excited about the plans for this Sunday! One of my lifelong friends is home for a few weeks this month (she lives in Hawaii right now) along with her sister (who lives in England) so my sisters and I, along with another set of sisters that we have known since we were little, are all getting together while everyone is in town! (Actually I think we will be missing two girls, Lauren and Betsy, but otherwise it will be an Aschmann, Binkley, Monson girl reunion!!) I am sure we will have a blast hanging out and catching up!!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, tell Natalie, Bethany and Hannah hi from me! I will be there NEXT weekend, but not this one.
Take time to breath little sister, dance like crazy to Cupid's shuffle, and enjoy every second of your summer.