Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Shower

On Saturday we had a baby shower for Emily Murphy, who was one of Mary Faith's best friends growing up.Yikes! I feel old, my baby sister's friend is having a baby!!
She isn't due until June, but Mary was home for Spring Break last week so we took the opportunity to have a shower while she was going to be home!I worked on some projects through-out the week, getting everything prepared for the event. Mom, Betsy, Kels, Mary and I all hosted the event and it was fun getting everything set up together!
I just LOVE sister time!!

Emily is decorating her nursery in camo colors so we decided to decorate the shower with that theme as well.
We ate some yummy food, played some fun games, opened the presents and had a great time visiting with everyone.

(We played the game where you each cut string and see who is closest to the size of the mommy's belly, Mary's was EXACT!!)
This is the quilt I made for baby Dallas last week!
All the Binkley sisters with Emily (and Dallas)
Here is the mom-to-be with her Step Mom, Mother in Law, Mom and Sister
I would say that overall the shower was a great success!

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