Thursday, July 29, 2010

This made me smile

My husband is a big fan of this stuff.So when NPR did a report on a museum dedicated to it...I had to smile and thought I should save a link to the site, just in case we are ever in that area of the country, we will have to stop by! Plus I will have to tell Kevin about August 7th!!

In other news...we were without water for awhile because of a crack in one of our pipes.
I had to brush my teeth and wash my face with bottled water. It was kinda like camping...except you were able to sleep in your own bed!
Let's just say I truly do appreciate the comforts of having clean running water coming into my home!! You don't realize how much you use that nice clean running water...until you have to cut it off! We did turn it on in the evening so that we could take a quick shower and flush the toilet!) Thankfully we aren't normally home all that much anyhow. Still it was weird to not have running water readily available!
After the pipe was fixed yesterday evening we did three loads of laundry (Which my older sister is going to say that is probably what she does every day, but we are just a couple with no kids or pets, so laundry isn't an everyday occurrence in our house!)

Also, I have been dreaming up some great quilting plans in my head...hopefully I will get the time to get some done soon! (However, I have a super busy weekend probably not for awhile!!)


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Clean free flowing running water is an amazing blessing we take for granted every day. But girl you SO should have come down here! We would have shared with you :-)

Loving that there is a mustard museum...hysterical!!!

We need a craft night soon...if nothing more a coffee/tea night!!

Carrie said...

that is hilarious! And yes, we had to go without water for just half a day recently, and it was AWFUL! I had like....10 loads of laundry to do! ha ha ha, jk!

Anonymous said...

I am curious about spam personally.

Andy's Bethy said...

I was just reading a book about a girl who comes to the future, then goes back to her own time - one of the things she missed the most is running water (and pens, rather then writing with a quill). We certainly do take it for granted.
And yes, three loads of laundry is not unusual around here, although I could skip a day, or even two after that. But then I would have at least three to do again. Big, huge, filthy loads. Nothing like yours. My kids are filthy, and so is my hubby. I don't think there will ever be a comparison, even when you have kids! I just can't imagine Kevin EVER being as dirty as Andy gets EVERY DAY!
Anyway.. glad your water is fixed!