Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keeping busy and getting older...

Last week I celebrated my 29th birthday!
I've started my last year in my!!

Over the 4th we celebrated with our families with swimming, cooking out, some wave runner action, of course fireworks, and I even ate some of the yummy birthday cake my MIL Barbara made for me!!
(I didn't feel too terrible it was worth it for sure!!)

Jan (one of my co-workers) bought me the lov-er-ly flowers for my birthday...I couldn't have picked out flowers that were more "me" myself!!
I finally found a little time to sew and put together my flag quilt top.
(It has been on the project list for awhile!!)
I really like how it turned out!
(Now to just find the time to get it quilted before September! I am wanting to give it to my grandparents as a housewarming gift when they move into their new apartment!)
I got some goodies in the mail from my good friend Amazon.
(Who I must say I LOVE right now!! One of the items was missing from the original package, I was panicked that I was going to be out of luck, but when I contacted customer service they got back to me within an hour and sent another one next day!! I really love Amazon!!)
Kevin's birthday gift to me was 2 tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Fox Theater.
My MIL Barbara and I went on Thursday night. (My actual birthday.)
It was fantastic!!
I finally got around to mailing out a package to my dear friend Abby. She moved into a new place awhile back, and I have been meaning to send something her way for ages!
Saturday we had our AMQG meeting at Whipstich.
(We had two new members come and I actually met a third new member, who joined in June while I was away!)
(And I did a bit of shopping...bad me, but I just can't help it when there is so much beautiful fabric all around me!!)


Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, I keep forgetting to ask about Phantom! Was it wonderful?
I can't believe you naughty thing bought more fabric - or books for that matter. You really need to learn to use the library young lady! I am glad you are enjoying reading and sewing though. It is so good to have several projects you like. I hate it when I get in a slump and can't find something that makes me happy!

Kathleen said... your flag quilt