Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm feeling sad...

I was robbed!!!

Our trip up to Indy was wonderful...but something tragric happend as well! We had a wonderful visit with the family and I have a ton to write about that and pictures to post but for now I have something else to talk about.

Why would anyone ever feel the need to take something that isn't theirs? Really...why? People say it can be because of the hard economic times we are in-it makes people desperate. Others may say it is for the thrill-the high of doing something illegal and getting away with it. I don't find either of these reasons very good. I feel absolutely violated and deeply sadened to think that there is someone out there that feels the need to fill a void in their lives (whether it be for financial reasons or for the "fun" of it) by hurting someone else. Now I must say that I feel completely blessed and greatful for how it has all turned out. In the scheme of things this is such a little thing and the final outcome so far has really been good...all they got was my purse when the car was full of soooo many other things including Kevin's computer & PSP, my camera & Nintendo DS, my nice guitar and more. They bashed a hole into our passenger side window-grabbed my purse and that was it. So on to the story...

We left early on Friday morning because we needed to get an oil change in the truck and Kevin still wanted plenty of time to stop at the Corvette museum on our way up to Indy. Kelsey and Travis rode with us (we took three cars total up to Indy for the weekend) and we made fairly good time up to the Corvette museum in Bowling Green KY. We all were enjoying our trip thru the museum (I didn't take my camera inside so I don't have any pictures-Kelsey had her's so maybe she will get some up on her blog sometime soon.) when Kelsey heard the announcement on the overhead speaker..."Will the owner of a green Dodge Ram with a GA license plate please come to the front desk." It took several times before we could really tell what they were saying and Kevin went out to see what happened as Travis, Kelsey and I finished going thru the museum. As we are entering the gift shop at the end Kevin walks back nodding his head and says "It's not good, you need to come out here." So we get outside and see that someone busted in the passenger side window and grabbed my purse out of the car. (Again, we are really blessed that it wasn't more that was taken because we did have a ton in the truck and our suitcases in the back of the truck bed in big plastic bins)

After we got outside and realized what happend they said the cops were on their way and we waited out by the the burning hot afternoon sun...for almost an hour...then once he arrived we were the hot sun...for another hour as the report was put together. (and he nicely took all the crushed glass out of the window-thank you wonderful BGPD Officer Steff-you are a very kind man!) All the while we were also on Kevin's phone (since mine was stolen) canceling all my credit cards, bank cards, etc...and I tried to make a list of everything that was in my purse so I could see what I need to replace. I actually for once had a ton of cash in my purse (I never have cash!!) and several unused gift cards but I think I am saddest about all the irreplacable (or hard to replace) items like my adorable elephant keychain I got when we were in South Africa last year.

To help me feel better Grandma bought me a new purse (as did mom at a rummage sale) and everyone was so nice to thanks to everyone...but really I just feel so sad that something like this could happen. I always want to see the best in everyone, I guess you could say I look at the world thru rose colored glasses! Again, I feel so blessed that it wasn't worse and so happy about my early birthday present! (Kev went ahead and replaced my phone with an iphone!!!-I do need everyone's phone numbers-I don't know ANYONE's phone number by heart so I lost them all with the stolen phone!!)

I will try to be better this week and actually write again tomorrow night and post some of the great pictures from our trip. We had such a great time visiting with everyone (and a great week before the trip as well-visiting with some friends on Monday night and Thursday night and keeping CRAZY busy the rest of the week-I will say I am really ready for the weekend again already-so maybe we can sleep in!!)


Andy's Bethy said...

I'll post a pic of your busted window tonight when I blog... I thought Kelsey was going to do that last night.
I am so glad it turned out as good as it did, but I still feel so completely awful. I, like you, have always tried to see the good in everyone - it is really hard for me to have my little sister abused like this. It makes me really frustrated that there is nothing I can do to protect you!
We will find the good though. We weren't given "rose colored glasses" for nothing. God gave us that gift for a reason - lets use them!

Carrie said...

Be careful with that I-Phone, apparently you can't get insurance on them.

My purse got stolen out of my car once at a gas station near Floyd College. My window was down though, I had gone in to pay :(

There was nothing in my purse...NOTHING except probably $200 worth of Clinique makeup. (my earlier single days when I used my money for whatever I wanted, ha!) That made me so mad!!!
I am so sorry that happened to you, it is so annoying to deal with all the details of something like that. BUT, also thankful with you that all the other things were left...I guess when they found that cash they quit looking, so maybe that saved you from the rest!

Mandi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had to experience a robbery. It truly is a violating feeling! I had my purse stolen out of my car when I was at work one time (I learned my lesson on leaving my purse in the car all day). What's funny is, I was most upset about a roll of film I hadn't developed yet (that was in the olden days) and a keychain I had attached to the zipper from Ukraine. Anyway, I'm glad nothing more was stolen from you. I hope your spirits are lifted soon. :-)