Monday, June 8, 2009

catching up

Boy am I glad my boss is back from vacation! I love my job, but my job is NOT my life, and yet I feel like it has been this last week! My boss was on vacation and I feel like almost every waking moment was consumed with work. Now I know this isn't true because my time was filled with many other things besides work, it was just a LOT of work as well!
Saturday May 30th:
After a nice walk with my neighbor on Friday night (We need to do that again before you leave Rachel!) I tried to get to bed before too late since I had to be up early for work on Saturday. I got the guys out and checked in some work and then went over to my good friend Amanda's baby shower. (I didn't get the blanket finished-so I just got something else instead-the blanket is finally done so now I just have to get it to her!!) I left a little early from her shower to run a few more errands I needed to get done before going to Lauren's wedding shower. After her shower I went back home and then Kevin and I went out to a movie (Star Trek) and dinner for Kev at Fuddruckers, his favorite!

Sunday May 31st:
To be completely honest...I have no remembrance of this day. Why is it that weekends just slip on by like that!?! I think I maybe watched a movie I rented or something.

Monday and Tuesday I was at work early (I went in early the whole time David was gone) and Deshei started work. It is nice to have someone else there to help with the phones and to hang out with in the slow times since my Natalie is gone! (Of course I don't blame her-I mean come on-Hawaii!!!) (I worked out with her exercise band and we flossed our teeth on a slow afternoon-fun times at Sunshine!!) Since Kevin had to attend defensive driving classes (To help with the outrageously priced speeding ticket he got-did I ever blog about that? $780!!! YIKES!!!) I went to a prayer meeting on Monday night to see Mary Cowan off (She is in Africa for 2 weeks on a mission trip-please keep her and the entire mission team in your prayers!) and then on Tuesday evening I hung out with my little sisters (and Mary's roommate Lindsey). We laid out at the pool for around an hour before the sun went down, they grabbed some dinner at Longhorns, and then we completed our girls evening by watching "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2." I do love girls nights!!

More working early (and late) and keeping my evenings full with little things I can't even remember now. I got some sewing stuff from Heidi and I am really excited to see how it all turns out...I just need to get the chance to run to the store and get some bobbins so I can start sewing!! I don't remember what I did on Thursday evening but I do know what I forgot!! I somehow forgot to watch So You Think You Can Dance! I just LOVE that show!! I am not a big reality fan...but I do love that one! I am so amazed at their talent and I am so moved by dance. I cry all the time watching dance-it is so moving to me! Friday night Travis and Kelsey, Mary Lindsey, Kevin and I all watched "Taken" at our place. (My week was filled with a lot of movies...because there are more to come!!)

Saturday dad was in town so he got the guys out to work (Thank goodness!!! I was exhausted!) and Kevin and I did some shopping (checking out some stuff for our European trip plans-love REI...too bad everything is so expensive!!) and Kevin needed some pants as well. (I think maybe that is something else we did last Sunday-Kev needed some new summer clothes so we went shopping at Kohls.) We also went to the movies-Land of the Lost-very Will Ferrell-nothing more to say about that!

Sunday we met the family for lunch and a movie in town. We went to see "Up" with the entire family. It was so cute (and sad) and it was really fun to be together! We did some shopping at Borders (Betsy-I bought The Shack so I will try to start that tonight and so we can talk about it!) and saw Martin (Kevin worked with at CFA Windy Hill) and Bridget (my cousin Sarah's Sister in Law) there and visited with them awhile. We went Buffalos for Kevin to get some wings for dinner. (Why he likes those things I will never understand! Which is why we went out to eat and didn't bring them home-or else then the whole house smells like buffalo wings!) I finished my book I started earlier in the week (I love short mystery books!) Sunday night I finished the baby blanket (It is still really small-but I think it is pretty cute-hopefully Amanda likes it!) while we watched some Expedition Africa on the History channel. I leared that tampons are fabulous kindling-who would have thought of that? Obviously I guess Benedict (the survivalist on the expedition) did-but I wonder how that came about!?! It has to be a funny story!! Maybe I should start carrying a pack in our camper to help us start fires-we always seem to have trouble getting a fire going when we go camping!!

Monday again:
So here we are at Monday again. Back at work-but I was able to leave by 4:30-yeah! And I relaxed with, what else but a movie, as I did ate some dinner and did some cooking for the rest of the week. I watched "Passengers" and it really got me thinking. (And crying a bit-especially since there was just a plane crash last week that killed 228 people. What a sad time for the family and friends of those people-I can't imagine what they are going through right now.) All I can say is that watching movies about death make me think about how I am living my life. I hope that I am living my life as an example for Jesus and that God is pleased with me. I sometimes feel like I am not really doing anything with my life that is important, like I am not making any difference in the world around me. I don't want my life to slip by without any meaning. I want my daily life to be an example of Jesus living in me-God's joy and hope and love resonating from me to those around me! I know God can use those everyday moments-but I don't know if I catch them-or always use them to bring Him glory and honor like I should.

I actually made Kevin some dinner this evening (Bagged broccolli alfredo-just add water, milk and butter and bring to a boil-I guess I could start working on my home-making skills!!) and I am enjoying relaxing while cooking some food and writing this blog. If you are actually still reading this you are a true friend and I love you! I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow since I have the late shift! (I don't have to be in until 9-it seems like it has been forever! Since I can't seem to get to bed early the early shift every day didn't really work out that well for me! I am so tired!!) I hope to be able to get to some sewing and other crafts soon. I am missing it since it has been weeks since I have sewn anything. We will see how the week goes. For now I am going to close so I can visit with my hubby some tonight!


Mandi said...

Thank you for giving me a sneak peek at the blanket! It is so cute! I hope you have a great day at work, and enjoyed sleeping in a little later. You deserve it!

Carrie said...

I think the blanket is a perfect size for a baby! If they are too big it just bunches up too much to "practically" use.
Consider me a true friend, I persevered. ha ha!
Can't wait to talk about The Shack.

Andy's Bethy said...

You are so funny, with your rambling girl! I am so glad you started The Shack. I only got half way, then gave it to Kelsey. She is taking with her this week while she is gone...
I want to come over and have a girl night sometime. The other girls have gotten to do that, and I haven't gotten to.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh oh...I read the whole thing, but my brain is stuck on that traffic ticket I will admit. OUUUUCHHH!!!

Yes yes we need to walk again before I leave. My 3 coupon classes for the week are now done...whew!!
And now we go into babysitting a friend's children til Monday. hmm....pretty sure life isn't going to slow down til we sit on the plane...which is always the case and always my favorite moment. nothing else can be done then!!

Thad talked to your sister tonight I think. HOORAY!!

We'll touch base SOON...maybe we can walk tomorrow night...let me know!!