Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Celebration Weekend

So my sister already posted some great pics from the Birthday Bash Weekend (including a picture of our busted truck window from the break-in) so I don't really need to add many can just check out her blog here. It was a really fast weekend (we spent so much time driving there and back again it didn't seem like there really was a ton of time to visit) but it was a great weekend!
We got to visit with both my dad and mom's side of the family. We got in really late on Friday night (after the forever long trip up to Indy since we had a long stop-over in Bowling Green with the breakin).
Saturday morning (which ended up being right until we were getting ready to head over to the party) we had an appointment with a glass man to repair our truck window (we had to take over the garage at my Aunt's house since rain was coming and we didn't have a window-what a generous man John is to let us have his spot in the garage-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!) Saturday while we were waiting we did get to hang out for a few minutes by the pool and I think I actually did get a tiny bit of sun on my scary white self. The birthday party was wonderful with some great visiting with family. After a quick stop (which turned into a terribly long & expensive stop) at Best Buy to get my new phone (Kev upgraded me to an iphone for my birthday present!!!) since mine was stolen in the breakin (I feel so lost-I don't have anyone's numbers!!!) we were able to get a quick visit in on Saturday night with Clay, Sarah & Colin (mom's side of the family).

Sunday morning we were up around 9 (we got to sleep in a little which was nice!) and loaded up the truck (adding a huge box of sewing stuff from Aunt Beth-can't wait to get into that!!) and said some quick goodbyes all around and got on the road back to GA. We made fairly good time on the way back home, but it was still a long day and for some reason being in the car all day is exhausting and so I was ready for bed by the time we made it home late on Sunday night.

I have been keeping busy back at work and trying to get things put back together/replaced from the break-in. Kevin put in a new door handle and locks since my keys were stolen and I love it!! It is beautiful!! (So much better than the basic brass builder grade knob we have had for the last 6 years!!-Why didn't we replace it sooner?!?!)
Also here is a picture of the beautiful flowers Kevin had waiting for me when I came home on Saturday night (6/13) what a great guy!!! (Not the greatest picture of these flowers because I didn't get around to getting a picture until right before I threw them away as we were heading out the door for Indy-but I am sure you can tell how beautiful they were!)

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Andy's Bethy said...

I like that new door knob - and I am so glad you replaced it. It was stressing me out to think that someone out there had your keys... and your address.
We need to get busy planning your birthday - time is slipping away!