Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another weekend...(I think that is all I write about)

So I just wanted to give an update. After I visited the Dr. last Wednesday (total waste of $$ in my opinion since all they did was fax in the order for my prescription-which ended up not going thru and had lots of drama there, I will touch on that later-and showed me how to take the shot-since I grew up with a diabetic in the house this was nothing new!!) So, now on to the prescription drama, the fax was having issues going through and so the mail-order pharmacy company kept saying they didn't have it. Finally, after multiple calls and faxes-I think my nurse was about to go crazy she was so mad it wasn't going through-it went through and they called me to get it delivered. Then, since I possibly needed the meds ASAP, they were going to charge me extra since it was going to be a weekend delivery! Insurance didn't cover the meds, but the pharmacy company that I ordered the prescription from signed me up for something that gave a discount so that was nice since it was a ton of dough!! (for a couple little bottles of medicine that I will be able to use for only one cycle!! This is NOT going to be cheap, but I really am excited about it, and very hopeful that this will work!!) I ended up getting it delivered over the weekend without the extra charge, (yeah!!) however still no start on the new cycle, so really didn't need it delivered over the weekend after all!!

Dad took Mary to Texas over last weekend so mom came over Friday night and spent the night and I also went up to her place for awhile on Sunday. We had a
ton of fun shopping for new accessories, decor, etc. for my living room. We got new curtains, a wonderful rug, a huge clock and 2 metal wall hangings. (There went my birthday money I was saving and more!!) (Side note: I also found a beautiful cabinet at a yard sell for my kitchen, but I wasn't sure if it would fit so I didn't get it. Now that I have the measurements, I think it will work perfectly! I have the guy's phone number-it is an antique and he had a business card-so I will hope to call him as soon as we get all the living room stuff finished and see if he still has it.)

Our living room project is nearly finished, apparently the laying of the floor was the easy part, the baseboards and quarter round are taking longer-or maybe it is just because I was not really much help over the weekend since I was shopping!!) We got most of the baseboards down last weekend, but not all yet and we still need to put in the quarter round, so I guess we will be busy with that next weekend or one night this week. Plus we still need to find some transition boards for the entryway and our fireplace area. As soon as it is all complete I will take some pictures and post them. I really love how it is all turning out!!

Sunday morning I was actually able to talk to Mom (she as at home at this point), Dad & Mary (in Dallas, TX) and Kelsey and Travis (in Uganda) on Skype. It was soooo wonderful!!! (Wish you had been online to Betsy!!) I am a true lover of Skype right now!


mom0ktdid said...

I am totally sympathizing with you about getting the baseboards/quarter round down! We thought that the flooring would be the most time consuming, but it was way more-so getting all that trim done! It will be worth it will love the new floors! They look great so far!

andysbethy said...

I am so sad that I missed the Skype conference!! We will have to do it again soon... maybe on a Sat. next time?
Are you coming to me this weekend? It will give you something to write about!

Kelsey and Travis said...

Hey Em,
I was talking to Shela (she and her husband are living in Kampala and Trvis worked with them in Sudan, such a small world but anyways), she said that she had a friend who used the shots to try to get pregnant and although it was a great nuisance it worked for her. So hopefully God will use it to bring us a little Turner addition as well.