Monday, August 4, 2008

My weekend...

So I had a very eventful weekend!!

It started with my Dr. appointment on Friday. It was time to see the specialist again and try to decide what the next step is based off what happened last cycle. He gave me three options, but really only recommended two. He said we could do the same thing again (this is the one he didn't really suggest because my body obviously didn't respond well to the Clomed). The second option is to do the Gonadotropin shots with an IUI, or do the shots and then IVF. Either way the cost goes up immensely, but especially with the IVF. The nurse gave me an encyclopedia worth of papers to read through to help us in the decision making process and I went back to work. (Side note here: Thanks mom for coming to this appt. with me. It was great to have someone else there to help me remember all the questions I needed to ask!!)

After work I ran some more errands for stuff that we needed for our Neighborhood's big event that Heidi-one of my neighbors-and I planned for Saturday. We had Williamson Brothers Catering the event and then swimming and prizes, and planned on ending the evening with a movie. (We had a company scheduled to come out and show the movie on a big blow-up screen by the pool.)
Saturday I went to a baby shower and met some really wonderful ladies there who actually have gone through the same things I am going through. Several ended up getting pregnant and others ended up adopting. Either way, they were all so sweet and wonderful and full of advice as I am trying to decide what the next step in the process is. Even though I had just met them all that day, they were all so encouraging and laughing that I would be the next baby shower they would attend!! Thanks for all the advice...I really appreciate everything I learned from you about insurance, etc... You are wonderful & I will keep you posted with what happens!! Also, several of the ladies had their babies at the shower and it was great to hold them & see them. Little Audrey was was especially fun to hold an Audrey since that is a name I have seriously considered!! So far I am not dealing with bitterness like I hear happens in this situation, so I am thankful for that. The only thing is that it feels like since I have been trying to get pregnant, everyone I know has gotten pregnant, many without meaning too!! God is really helping me through this whole process though, because really I don't feel bitter, just maybe a bit jealous, or wondering why! I know God will lead me through this and in the end it will all be for the best!!

After the shower I ran a few last errands and got back to the neighborhood to set up for the event. Set up was great and we had several people there to help and the evening started out great. We did end up with rain, which means we rescheduled the movie to another night, but it was still fun overall and we are already making the plans for the next event!! The entire night I was able to hold Anna (my neighbor's 3 month old). She was so good and it was such a joy!! Our other neighbor also had her newborn (only 10 days old) there. She was sooooo tiny! What miracles babies are!!!

Sunday Kevin & I ended up buying hardwood floors for the living room, so I guess next weekend is now full with that project. We will have to see, I really want to get down to visit Betsy and after talking to her Sunday night, I want to even we will have to see what happens. I am really excited about getting the floor down, I think it will look great!!!

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mom0ktdid said...

Oh my goodness, good luck with that flooring project!
Also, my cousin, who has been trying to get pregnant for about 6 years, has just found out she was pregnant. They actually did IVF and it didn't "take" but then now, 2 months later, after years of trying, is pregnant all on their own. So, it will come and at the perfect time (like you haven't heard plenty of stuff like that before)