Friday, August 29, 2008

Doesn't look like I am going to Texas-but maybe?!?!

Well, I have had a busy week...

Last weekend Kev and I got to visit with the Freeman crew...

I was able to take the day off work (who-hoo) and get some stuff done around the house (However, it is still a mess-maybe that will be a project for this weekend!!) visit with Kels & Mare on Skype, go on a walk with my neighbor (who has three adorable little girls) & meet with some friends of the family to work on wedding plans. (I LOVE weddings!!)

after work mom, Betsy and I went to a movie together! We saw House Bunny-cute girls night out movie, but I am sure Kevin will want to see it because he loves Anna Ferris. We also did some shopping and visiting and had a wonderful time-of course!! You gotta love girls night out-especially when it is with two of your best friends in the world!!

So...all week we have been waiting to see if I would start my cycle so that we would know if I am able to go to Texas or not, I spoke to my nurse today and she did say that I could come in as late as Tuesday morning if I start sometime over the weekend, so in a way that sounds like a go, but right now the plan is for the 'rents to leave on Saturday evening and get back Tuesday night, so that wouldn't work!-So I guess it is still sounding like a no-but maybe we could work it out-I don't know...(Mary, if I am not able to come, please set up your web cam on Skype so I can feel like I am there helping you set up your apartment and decorate and stuff!!)

If we do stay home-I think we will try to stay with Betsy and the boys at Mom and Dad's on Saturday (since they will be off to Texas). So that would be fun!! (I think we should go camping if we stay home, but I am sure it is too late to try to get a campground at this point, we will have to look into that!!)

Side note: I am sooooo ready for the Fall! I really love it when it starts to cool off and the leaves change colors and everything just seems so peaceful and beautiful!! Plus, you get to start wearing layers of clothing, which is my favorite-I don't know if I could live somewhere that was really cold all the time, but I like to be all bundled up!!

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Kelsey and Travis said...

So sad that you couldn't go to TX to help Mare Mare set up house. You are so good at that I am sure that she is going to miss you not helping out. I wish that I could go as well. It is hard to believe that I might not actually ever see her apartment if we don't get to come home before June :(

I love you!!!!!!!