Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Busy Weekend!

I had another busy weekend!! I was sick all week with a cold. I know, I know, it is summer, how did I get a cold? Who knows!!! . (I even had to stay home from work-it has been awhile since I was that sick!!) So I was well enough to go into work for most of the day on Friday, so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed today, Monday's are busy enough on their own without having to add in a pile of work from the week before!! Once Kevin got home he started taking apart the living room and before I finally said I am crashing and went to bed around midnight we had all the furniture and a start at the carpet removed from the living room. (A neighbor did help with the baby grand, but the couch and everything else I helped Kevin move-yes ME the girl who doesn't like to lift more than 20 pounds even when I am well!!)
Saturday morning we removed the rest of the carpet and pulled off the baseboards. After a few errands (we needed some tools) and some lunch for Kevin we finally started on the floor around 3pm. The first few rows were slow going, but once we got a hang of it we moved pretty fast, by 7 I was starving and so I cooked dinner (somehow since our piano, coffee table and a chair are in the kitchen along with our kitchen table!!) while helping Kevin lay out the boards. (I was put in charge of telling him which ones go where so that we would hopefully end up with a good pattern!) By 10:30 I was exhausted and told Kevin I was retiring for the night.
We only had 6 rows left to complete the next morning!! (Kevin has some pictures, I will try to remember to post those tonight!) And after giving it a good cleaning we took the afternoon and evening off to visit with mom, dad and Mary. (Since she is leaving us this week to head off the Texas!!) So we totally overbid how much wood we would need, we have 6 boxes left (over $300 worth) and so now we have to decide what to do with it!! We bought it at the Home Depot clearance store so we can't take it back. I guess we will have to see if it is enough for another room, or try selling it.
Since we didn't put on the baseboards, quarter round, or room transition boards (whatever those are called) we still have our furniture all over the house and garage! Which means this morning when we woke up for work, we had to find our way out of our house through the maze of furniture stacked in every possible square inch! We will have to put in the baseboards and quarter round some time during this week so we can put all the furniture back in it's place! Home Depot here we get felt pads to put on the furniture, and all the base molding, etc. etc!!! It will be nice when it is all done so we can have a real home again!!
Oh, other news since I wrote last...I set up a Skype account and Kevin said he is going to get me a web cam so I can talk to all my sisters while we are all far away from each other!!! Also, I called the Specialist today, Kevin and I have decided to try the Shots (Gonadotropin) with an IUI for this next cycle. I have an appt. on Wed. to learn how to do the shots because I have to give them to myself. (Well, they say you or your husband, but Kevin said there is NO WAY he would give me a shot!!) So, anyhow I am excited about this next step in the process & I am really hopeful on this one. I hope it works!! -I will most likely write more after my appt. on Wed. since that is when I will be learning more about the Gonadotropin shots, etc.-


Abigail said...

yay for hardwood floors! i love that you're keeping a blog now!

andysbethy said...

I can't wait to see your new floor. I am glad it was easier to put down. I think I remember that after the dining room project Kevin was pretty sure he would never do that again!
Wish I was there to help with the shots. I am sure they are very different than insulin, but 15 years of practice with those would probably give me a little edge!