Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend sewing

My weekend was busy (as usual) but really fun!!

I finally got to visit with my fried Rachel and meet her little boy Jonah! He is four months old already and an adorable little guy! (With some scrumptious little rolls in his arms and legs-I love it-too cute!!) It was great to catch up with her (and her mom) for a couple hours.

Then I got some info I needed from Stonewall Manor and saw everyone. They were catering a reception at the Booth Museum in Cartersville. I wish I could have been a part of that one, I haven't been inside that museum yet! I've got three weddings coming up in September, so it is time to get to work on the details of these and make sure the brides are ready for their big day!

I did some shopping and errands and did some sewing that night when I got home. (Kevin spent the afternoon and evening out. He had worked on the Jet Skis and so he took them out on the lake with Tim and they seem to be doing better...still not where they should be...but at least both of them were actually running!!)

Sunday morning I went to my first ever sewing class. It was at Tiny Stitches in Marietta. It was the first class that the AtlMQG set up and we had a pretty good turn out. It was fun sewing with everyone and although I didn't get a block completed, I was working on several at a time, so I have a few blocks in different stages.

Melinda taught the class...she is showing off one of her amazing quilts here:

Here is my start...

moving right along...

My messy work station! (That awesome half cutting board/half ironing board is one of my purchases from Saturday...I had a Michaels coupon so I picked it up! It was nice to have it right there at my station where I was sewing!)

My fabric (I picked it up the night before...I decided to go with a fun Halloween theme for this project!)

Some of the scraps from today's class-I sifted through these and took a bunch home!! I just love scraps!!

I also got some FANTABULOUS scraps from Nicole!
I LOVE them and I am so exited to work with them!!

Mary came over to hang out Sunday afternoon and we watched some movies, visited, sewed and had a great time together just chilling!

Here is the owl quilt I am making for her from all the blocks I got in the owl swap I did.

And here is my flag quilt I am making for G&G Binks. It is almost finished! All I have to do is hand sew down the binding and I am done!! Yipee!! I hope they like it! It is one of the biggest quilts I have ever made...even Kevin was impressed with this one!


Anonymous said...

groovy owls. super cool.

Andi said...

OMGosh! That owl quilt is just darling. And I hope you finish your Halloween blocks. I loved where you were going with them.