Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Flag Quilt is Finished

I did all the hand sewing of the binding yesterday when I got home. It took pretty much all night...I went upstairs to read in bed for awhile when I finished it and fell asleep instead!!

I love how it turned out. A part of me wishes I would have had time to hand quilt it, I love the look of hand quilting-especially in a quilt with "country" style fabric, but I still love it and am quite proud of myself for how quickly I was able to get this project turned around. (I have OVER a week to spare from when it HAD to be completed by!)

I hope G&G Binks like it! After I finished it Kevin asked if I was sad to give it away, I am a HUGE fan of all things Red, White and Blue, but I am excited to give it to someone else who loves RW&B nearly as much as me!

In other news...here is some more fabric I recently picked up.

I am in LOVE with this animal print! Isn't it adorable!?! I am going to try a pattern similar to this one from Allison Harris at Cluck Cluck Sew.

I just love picking out beautiful new groups of fabric and dreaming up wonderful ways to use them...now I just have to work on actually getting some of these projects done!!


Andy's Bethy said...

Grandma is going to love that quilt. It will be perfect for their new place.
I must admit that I LOVE that animal fabric too. Something about it is just striking - it is very "you".
Can't wait to see what amazingly creative thing you do with it!

Melissa L. said...

you did an incredible job, Emilee!! Will we get to see it in person??