Friday, April 30, 2010

Are you in middle school?

No, I wasn't asked this by a stranger. (Although I was often asked if I was in highschool after my graduation...from college!)

This is what my husband asked me when he saw the newest fingernail polish I had purchased and applied. (Of course, I am TERRIBLE at putting fingernail polish on, which is one of the reasons why I normally stick with just painting my toes. I think fingernail polish looks a little strange on me, plus it takes effort to put it on and take it off and I am lazy about that sort of thing!)

But, yesterday on my way home from work I decided to run by Ulta and use my latest coupon to pick up a few new nail polish color choices. Since I don't wear it much I don't have a lot of choices-mainly a few shades of pinks and reds.

I decided on three new shades from China Glaze. (They were buy two get one free.)

I used the dark purple, called Grape Pop on my toes

and the pale lilac, called Light as Air on my fingers.

(I am saving the dark grey/charcoal color I bought, called Awaken, for another day!)

After I had painted my fingers and toes last night, and I was looking them over, (trying to decide if I liked it) Kevin came upstairs so I asked him what he thought.

K: "Why did you pick that color. Are you in middle school or something? "

E: "Purple is all the rage this season so I am giving it a try."

K: "It looks like you were painting a wall and got it all on your fingers."

(I would be the first to tell you that I am not that great at putting on fingernail polish, but I am not that bad is only on my actual nails...I promise!!)

I didn't really have anything to say at that point.

It is a very different color, and since it has a matte finish and is such a pale color, I could see it on someone's wall, so his statement made sense.
In reality, at this point I still hadn't decided if I even liked it.

But now, after wearing it all day today, the color (and the general idea of nail polish) has grown on me. I have decided it is a fun to have color on my nails, especially such an out of the ordinary color.
However, I don't think I will make it something I wear on a regular basis.
I am too used to my plain old naked nails.


Andy's Bethy said...

That is such a Kevin thing to say... but then again, so is buying you The Host. He is both wonderful and annoying, depending on the moment, right? That is a husbands job!
You will TOTALLY have to let me borrow it so I can read the extra chapter, and yes, I am stressing about the film version. I think they tend to ruin things... (I know, I know, I am commenting on the wrong post)

Monica said...

I use purple and grey and yellow and green on my toenails (not at the same time!!)

I think it's fun.