Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's the little things...

Sometimes I think I have the sweetest husband.

Last night when he got home from work my Mr. tossed a Target bag my direction
and guess what was inside?

What a wonderful guy I have...he actually does pay attention to me when I am rambling on about things.

It was the newest edition, so there was a bonus chapter...which I read immediately!

It was like Christmas morning!!

I would just re-read the whole thing right now, but I think I have decided to let mom borrow it instead! (Take care of it please marmee dearest!)

Oh! and in the notes on why she wrote the extra chapter, Stephanie Meyer talks about how she was working with the producers on the film version of this book and she thought this chapter would be helpful.
, hold the phone...a film version!!!
I am so excited, and yet a bit nervous as well...
since I loved this book so much,
I am not sure if a movie will be able to live up to my expectations!


Mandi said...

Hey, girl! Thanks for the encouragement! I'll definitely remember to give you a holler when the going get rough again. I see that you're staying VERY busy! You make me tired just reading your posts. :-) However, it all sounds very fun! Have a great week!

Carrie said...

Your hubby REALLY needs to give husband-ing lessons!!!!!!! ha ha!

Josh'sWif said...

Oh yay, a movie! I can't wait to read that book when I can get my hands on it! That was so sweet of your hubby, and you're right...its the little things that matter!

Monica said...

what do you mean an extra chapter???? do I have to buy a new book? oh noooo.

do email me about me please!! I loved the book too.