Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day (and other weekend activites!)

I had a long weekend since it snowed on Friday (go here to see some AMAZING photos of the GA snow!!) and so I got to go home early.
(These were all taken early in the afternoon and the snow just kept coming!!)

I enjoyed my afternoon by watching Miss Austen Regrets and started watching Sense and Sensibility, but then Kevin got home (and was making fun of my movie) so we got wrapped up and went outside and played in the snow! (Snow really turns Kevin and I into big kids!!) Making Snow Angels with Zach MaryKyle and John MarkSnowball fight!! (It was boys against girls!)Kevin got me face first down into the snowMaryKyle and I tried to get him back (he had gotten her as well!)

(Photo's from Rachel...hope you don't mind that I used them here!)

Later in that night I read more of Eliza's Daughter and nearly finished it, but I was exhausted from a long fun day and had to go to sleep, so I ended up reading the last two chapters Saturday morning.

While I relaxed watching some movies over the weekend I started this new project.(Which I am going to have to take out, because I made it to big and I am going to run out of yarn if I don't take it out and start over!! I am a



knitter, but I am excited to try this pattern out. It may be next February, or beyond, before it is finished, but I really want to try to improve my knitting skills, so I am starting out with a fairly simple pattern!!)

I think these should have surly reached their homes now so I can share the snapshot of the bookmarks I made for Marmee and my three sisters for Valentines Day. (I made them several weekends ago.)
I also put another border or two on mom's quilt. (It is going to be very small, but that means it may actually get finished, since I am not very good at completing big projects!!)


Kathleen said...

Love your mom's quilt. They fabrics look great. It's a sodoku pattern, right?

mellison290 said...

Love your snow photo's. The one of you and your shoes is adorable! Wow, you got so much done this weekend! I only did a few squares on my quilt. It's hard to finish a big project! And I LOVE your little book marks!


Anonymous said...


Love the mom quilt. I want to play soduko on it.

I know what you mean about finishing big projects.

Groovy knitting.

Andy's Bethy said...

I love my bookmark. Am using it already, of course. That is the perfect gift for me anytime! Thank you.
I can't believe Kevin faceplanted you!!! You totally have to get him back girl. Don't worry, C and Z will help.