Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miss Austen Regrets, A review

As I have said before, and I am sure will say again, I am not gifted in the composition of reviews. However, I watched this PBS special, Miss Austen Regrets, and will give a simple telling of my thoughts on this film.

First, I must say how thankful I am to have access to these films through PBS. I LOVE classics and for some reason had not be taking full advantage of what this channel offers to me. So I was very pleased when I ran across a blog or website that mentioned the new Emma that they recently aired. This reminded me of this great resource for classical entertainment, and I have been setting my DVR quite often since then to catch whatever airings they have in which I have the desire to watch!

Miss Austen Regrets was one of these such programs and I loved it. It was very sad, but I will say I think that I have come to realize that most artists, especially those who are now well known and loved, didn't get to see or experience that love for their work in their own lifetime. Or even if they did, for Jane was already fairly famous in her own time, artists seem to have lived very troubled and painful lives. Not that there wasn't any joy in them, and I think this film did a great job at showing Jane's love for her family. You especially see the special bond Jane had with her sister. (Which being a sister myself, I will say it is a bond like no other, that special relationship and love you have for your sisters!) I like that this movie seemed to show a truly loving family, and the unconditional love and devotion that comes with that. Oftentimes the families portrayed in books and films of that time period appear as if they have no true love for each other, but I think it is shown that this family really did love each other. There were hardships, misunderstandings and the sense of duty, but the love was there as well, keeping them together.

I will admit, quite readily, that I cried while watching this, of course I cry at films easily, it is real life that I normally have trouble finding tears for! I am a huge Austen fan, and I enjoyed this portrayal of her life, even if it was sad, there was true joy and happiness as well. I have not myself read any biographies about her life (some of these are on my forever long to do list) so I don't really know how much is based on fact and how much is fiction, but I did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone.

Click here to read the synopsis from the PBS webpage.

I think the characters were well played and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show. (Of course it did help that Kevin wasn't home and poking fun at every other word that was said, like he normally does if he happens to be around when I am watching a period piece!)

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