Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sense and Sensibility, A review

The same day I recorded Miss Austen Regrets on my DVR, the Masterpiece collections version of Sense and Sensibility aired on PBS as well. I had only ever seen this version before of this book, and I was highly impressed with this one. (Sadly, Kev was around for part of my viewing of this one, therefore I was forced to endure his remarks, and try to explain it to him. I will say that watching The Jane Austen Club as ruined me, because I want my husband to desire to read Miss Austen's amazing works as well. But I fear that will always remain a dream. He has only just begun to appreciate the written word at all, being more of a movie and video games guy his whole life! I will not live in anticipation of his coming to me someday with the exclaimation that Jane Austen truly was a genious and how he cannot wait to read all her books with me!)

If you would like to read the synopsis of the film, you can find it here. I think the characters were well played, and although there are parts that I don't remember from the book, although it has been ages since I have read it, I truly enjoyed it overall, in fact some of the added parts really did make the films point about what these young couples in love, yet not at liberty to act on their love, get acrossed. It took a moment to get used to the characters being played by someone else, but I think I liked this version's portrayal of Elinor and Edward even better than the other. (And I love Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson!)

Well, I won't say anything else, because this isn't my talent, but I would most definitly recommend this film, and if anyone wants to get it for me for my birthday, I wouldn't complain!!

(Note: I finished reading Eliza's Daugther by Joan Aiken, and so I shall have a review for you on that soon as well!)

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