Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making up for a lazy week

I feel like I got a good amount accomplished over the weekend. I guess I was trying to make up a bit for my laziness last week. (Although I did get this completed while I was zoning out in front of the tube last week! I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet.)
I painted two canvases in preparation of a project that didn't work out. That was a bit disappointing, but not everything can work out like we want I guess! I love ME (Mary Engelbreit) art and so I have had an ME calendar and/or daily calendar for the last few years. Instead of throwing the adorable little works of art and quote/saying away each day I cut them out and save them. I was wanting to use some of my favorites (with the mod podge) on a canvas or two and hang them in my sewing room, but I just couldn't get it look right.
However, another project I had in mind for the mod podge worked out great! I used a calendar (of old maps) to cover two paintings I had originally used in our bedroom, but were now in our guest bath. (They were flowers painted on wood with some kind of a border embossed/engraved on it.) I just used the mod podge to put the maps right over the painting and I think it turned out pretty good. I still need to spray them with a sealer and then I can hang them back up in the bathroom. I think they will look much better than the flowers. I don't really know why I bought them in the first place, I am not a big flower person, but they were most likely on sale for a ridiculously good price so they came home with me!
I also finished the scarf I made from the leftover t-shirt fabric from the fun ruffle t-shirt scarf I made last Monday night. I don't know if I will really use this, but it was fun to play with the leftover t-shirt fabric. Waste not, want not right!?!I cut into my beloved batik fabric for a new project I am excited about. I am making this one as a gift and I can't wait to see how it turns out!I also laid out and sewed up twelve nine patch blocks from some Christmas fabric I had cut into squares back in December but never got around to sewing. I then cut them into quarters and now I just need to sew them into disappearing nine patch blocks. (I haven't done this block before, but have wanted to for awhile now.) After I get them sewed together I will need to decide on a layout for the blocks to make a nice quilt top-not sure what I want to do exactly, but I do like this one or this one with just a simple sashing around each block. Sunday daddy came over for dinner, so wonder of wonder miracle of miracles (Yes, I was singing the Fiddler on the Roof song in my head, what a wonderful movie!)....I actually cooked! I made spaghetti, and served it with a salad and some cheese & garlic bread. (I sure to love my Super Target-fresh baked bread-I just had to cut into pieces, add the garlic and cheese, and throw in the oven for a few minutes-so easy!) We watched an interesting dvd that dad brought with him from the History channel about the Exodus of the Israelite people from Egypt. Since we are all reading through the Bible this year (One month down and Kevin is still plugging through.) and we are right around there in our reading so it was a perfect time to watch it. Very interesting theories and evidence was brought up and I really like that sort of thing. (Again-sign of a clone here-seriously, what 28 year old really enjoys the history channel?)
I also put together and baked (without burning!!) a carrot cake for Keith's (one of my coworkers) birthday. (Which is actually today, but we celebrated in the office yesterday.) Don't get too excited it was a box mix, but it sure looks yummy!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, I want some cake!
I love the map pictures. They look great. You have been a busy girl lately.