Monday, February 1, 2010

My lost modern day miracle

Yes, you read that right. Is says LOST modern day miracle!

Last week I was deeply saddened when the CD player in my car decided to quit working.
I love my car,
it is getting old and showing it's age, but I still love it.
I drive a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport, and although hubby makes fun of it, because it is a Ford, and it has some rattles and creaks that are just not normal, I think it is a great car!
I get to sit high, without being big. I can fit in just about anywhere, just like a car, but I get to sit higher than a car! What is better than that?!? (Although when we are finally able to have kids it will have to do because it is only 2 door, and I really don't want to have to try to get a car-seat in and out of a two door car!)

When I bought the car, about 6-7 years ago I, it was used, so I inherited the car in it current condition. (Well, I did somehow manage to add a streak of some fingernail polish on the ceiling-who knows-I am blaming one of my little sisters for that one!)
I have leather seats, a moon roof, and a 6 disc CD player, I feel completely spoiled!
(I wouldn't pay the extra to have things like that put in, but since they are there I LOVE them and take full advantage of them!)

I like to have noise pretty much all the time, when I am left in silence I may start thinking...and who knows what that would lead to (as I start singing the song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast in my head-LaFue I'm afraid I've been thinking... A dangerous pastime... I know...), so I like to have some distraction to the silence while I am driving.
I am not a big radio listener, I will listener to NPR (remember, I am a clone-so older than my age says!) sometimes, but it gets old after awhile. So then I try for some music, but I can't seem to find a station that I really love. Sure there are some stations I listen to, but I have to change them around constantly and there are still times that there is nothing on that I like.

So I truly LOVE my car's 6 disc CD player.
(This makes it easy to switch to a different CD when I get bored with the one I am listening to!)

The tragedy from last week is that it stopped working!

I tried switching to a different CD,

tried ejecting the CD...

of the CD's...

yet nothing worked.

It just kept clicking at me like it was stuck between the discs trying to switch, but not able to.

I was shocked,

I tried listening to the radio and ignoring the problem, (my specialty) thinking it would go away, but it didn't.

Finally I brought up the issue to Kevin and he said to read the manual, there should be a trouble shooting page, so Thursday I did just that...but found no solution. I was thinking how sad I was, not only about my CD player not working, but also the fact that 6 of my CD's were now stuck in there. Several of them are my favorites!! (I miss you already Imogen Heap and A Fine Frenzy-oh how I miss you...maybe a good excuse to get the new cd?!?)

So I decided to pray about it. Seems a bit silly, but I figured it couldn't hurt, and guess what, Friday I decided to try the CD player again and it worked!
God healed my CD player!!
I was so happy, then a thought struck me, was this just fixed for the day (so that I could get my 6 CD's out and not have to lose them) or was it fixed for good? Was I being greedy thinking that this was a long time repair? It may just be a quick fix to help keep my loss at a minimum (I can always replace the CD player and the CD's but there is cost involved in all of that.) Saturday I had to run a few errands and it still worked, so I sang along to the CD that was playing and enjoyed my miracle.

Then Sunday evening came along.
I had to pick something up at the store for work today, and get some gas so I took my car out and guess what...the CD player was messed up again! Apparently God had blessed me with a repaired CD player so I could get my CD's out, and I was greedy and just kept them in there and now I am back at square one! A broken CD player and all six of my CD's stuck in there!!!

In reality it may just have something to do with the weather, it warmed up a bit at the end of last week and is cold again now. Maybe it is just a problematic CD player. (I had to have it replaced once when it was still under the warranty a few years ago.)

Or maybe I lost out on a modern day miracle!


mellison290 said...

Too cute! I would have probably have done the same thing! I will say a prayer tonight for your little CD player to "open sesame" and spit out your 6 little CD's!

Carrie said...

aw, I'm sorry! I do think it's funny though that you call your 6 disk CD changer "modern" when most cars are coming with Ipod and MP3 docks now or else people have the connectors and use them anyway. :)

Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, how I love to read your blog. It is really just like talking to you. Only I don't get to interject my own thoughts... which is not unusual when talking to you anyway, since you talk faster then I think, so by the time I can format a reply, you are already three subjects farther along.... (speaking of clones, does that sound familiar???)
I hope you get another modern day miracle and your CD player is healed once again. Although, if it is, I say get your CD's out while you can!!!
Can you believe how old our cars are getting? Where does the time go? Check out the Saturn Outlook. That is what I want next, if I end up with four kids instead of three.
This is turning into an E-mail instead of a comment. Sorry! Love you!