Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girls Night!

Well, I completely forgot to take any pictures while the girls were over last night, but I did grab a quick shot (while I was running out the door to work this morning-late as usual!!) of my scarf I made while we were visiting.

Rachel and Mandy (two of my neighbors) came over last night for a little girl time and we crafted together while visiting into the wee hours of the morning. Yes, I did say morning. I guess it had been too long since we had visited...we chatted away until almost 1AM!

Rachel cut out and sewed up an adorable Valentine garland for her fireplace-so cute!!

Mandy worked on cutting out squares to a beautiful quilt she is working on. The colors are simply perfect...I am in love with it!!

I worked on a project which I had found online here.I just used one of Kevin's t-shirts he had gotten from some event at work. (Chick-fil-A) This was such an easy project I think I will want to make more-anyone have a yellow t-shirt they don't want anymore? I have a coat (my grandma got me a couple years ago) that has a tiny bit of yellow in it and I think I yellow t-shirt scarf would be perfect with it!
I played around with the extra t-shirt fabric, but I am not really sure if it will turn into anything that I will actually use...we will see how it turns out!

Overall it was a super fun night and I am excited to do it again sometime soon!


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

obviously we aren't professional bloggers to not take pictures, huh? ha ha!! SO glad you posted the link though to the scarf, I actually tried to find it today to show MaryKyle.
Can't wait to get together again!!

Carrie said...

I am so extremely jealous of your crafting skills! CUTE scarf!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! You made a post about last night already!

Love your scarf! Such a cute idea!!! I'm so impressed with all your craftiness! Maybe some of it will rub off?? He he he!

Had tons and tons of fun last night!! Can't wait to do this again!

Going to have to read up on your blog .... must find the cute "wallet story".


Anonymous said...

AND you had a blast with your mom for hours in the "twilight zone" right? it was fun and I can't wait to see some of the final projects and have sewing night to make my adorable pig purse. MOM