Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Sewing

Here is what I kept myself busy with on Sunday afternoon.
In the evening I grabbed The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and turned on the Golden Globes and read and watched and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening.
Hubby was happily into his newest video game (Which he was surprised at some of the content of this game-NOT for children for sure-but he was so excited to show me because he is in Florence so he recognized the place and thought that was so fun!) so I didn't have to feel bad about spending zero time with him-I was just too caught up in my book, but I had to shut it around 1:30 because I had to get some sleep. I enjoy (and need) my sleep too much to stay up all night reading! I know my sister will stay up all night finishing a book, I am not that dedicated!)

Today it was back at work as usual, but hopefully I will be able to get around to quilting my Sunday Sewing project sometime this week. I have a baby shower this weekend, and I think this would be a good gift. (It is for a little girl and her colors are green and white, so super pale pink and white should work well I would think!) The front is made of blocks that are the same pattern I sent off for the pink/green/white No Sew Block Swap. (I had cut these blocks out last weekend when I cut the ones for the swap.) I really love the back I did for this quilt, I normally just do a solid back, but I am trying to be better about getting creative with the back of my quilts as well, and I had the small squares from another quilt I had done with these fabrics last year.

I am now very much into another book now, the online unofficial version of Midnight Sun. Which is Edward's point of view of the first Twilight Saga book. I am completely engrossed in this I was with the others. I may as well face it, I have turned into a Twilight addict!! I need help...but they are just so good!! My lovely neighbor has offered to pick up The Host for me at the library, and my dear sister brought me one of her Christmas presents that she finished already this weekend so there may not be any communication from me for awhile! I will be too busy reading (and sewing) like a crazy person!! Thankfully, not many shows are back on schedule on the tube yet, so at least I don't have the t.v. to distract me!


Carrie said...

Assassin's Creed isn't for KIDS?! SURPRISE SURPRISE! ha ha! JK.

I feel like I make this comment all the time, but you are just a busy bee all the time! If I could just accomplish in one day what you accomplish on Sunday afternoons. wow I would be a better woman!

Kathleen said...

Your quilt is beautiful!

Andy's Bethy said...

Looking good little sister. You are so talented!
Did you like midnight sun? I wish should would write the rest of it!
The Host is fabulous. If you can't get it from the library let me know. I own it, and will let you borrow it. I keep meaning to re-read it, but I could probably part with it for a little while if you wanted it!

Stamp, Craft, Sew, Repeat said...

The quilt looks great!