Sunday, January 17, 2010

Persuasion (A review)

I ended up watching the other version of Persuasion (the one that I had watched years ago)this week. I liked this one much better. It is still a slow moving film (even for an Austen movie) but I think they did a much better job telling the story with this one. I really connected with the characters and could feel their emotions. Especially Sally Hawkins as Anne Elliot. You can feel her heartbreak as she see's Captain Wentworth again after so many years. This version was somewhat narrated and I like that better as well. It filled in the blanks well and I felt like this version told the full story.
Captain Wentworth is much better looking in this one as well, and I try to tell myself that this didn't make a difference, it was the acting/directing/presentation of the film that made it better for me, but I do think I like it when the hero is a good guy and handsome. I also felt like his character was more fully developed in this version. You really got to see him and know what he was thinking/feeling.
Again, this one wouldn't go into my pile of all time favorites, but I liked it much better than the other version, and in my opinion it is worth the time to see!

(If you click on the word Persuasion here or above you can see the version I am talking about. It was shown on Masterpiece on PBS-I believe they are showing it again on February 21st. Don't forget to set your DVR and watch this one when you have the chance!)

It has been raining here all weekend, so you would think I had gotten a ton of sewing done, but I don't think I have even walked into the sewing room all weekend! I was gone pretty much all day yesterday. I ran a few errands and then went to a wedding with my family over in Sugar Hill. After we got back from the wedding Mom took Betsy and I out to a movie, Kels had to go home and study. We saw Leap Year & I loved it! I always love that type of movie though. No matter how many they make, I always love those sweet RomCom's where they get their cute and very unrealistic happily ever after! Especially when they are rated PG because that means they are nice and clean like I prefer! If you like a good RomCom I would say go see it!

Hopefully I will get to some sewing today. I want to work on a project I started last weekend, and I got my stars in the mail yesterday that I had won from Emily when she was clearing out her craft closet. I also purchased a peice of fabric from her stash that I am excited to use. It is going to be a gift for one of my sisters, so I can't show it here. (Although, I am not sure she really reads my blog that often, so I could, but I will wait for now, just to be safe.) I am not sure what I am going to make with it yet, but I think she will love it! It is so her! Maybe once I decide on a project I will show it.
I am nearly to the half-way point in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I like it so far, will let you know more once I finish it!

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