Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My latest obsession...(as if I am not already obsessed with enough!)

For an entire week (although I amazingly still got a ton of other things done and was really good at posting blogs while at work to cover up my obsession) I was totally engrossed in the last three Twilight Saga books!

I wasn't going to get all obsessed with them, I was sure.
Big mistake to jump to conclusions like that!
The first book was alright, but I had already seen the first two movies, and I just wasn't overly impressed, but I did want to read them, and I had kept them over Christmas (even though they were my sisters Christmas present) so I put them as top priority on my to do list!
It turned out it wasn't really much of a choice after I really got into it...I HAD to read them! Starting on New Years day (I had read the first few chapters earlier) I really got into New Moon..by Sunday I had started Eclipse and come Thursday-well I guess Friday because it was 1AM-I finished Breaking Dawn.
I loved them!

Kevin just laughed at me, because I haven't been so obsessed with reading a series (especially that fast) in...well, maybe ever! I wouldn't say they are my favorite books or anything, but I really did LOVE them. Now I really want to put Stephanie Meyer's other book, The Host, on my reading list. I really think she did a great job, and I love how everything turned out...it was how I wanted it to be in my head, and I love it when they actually end up the way I want them to!! In case you haven't read them I won't say anything more...just that you should clear up some time on your schedule and plan a nice sit-in with these fantastic books!


Over the weekend I cleared out my closets and cabinets etc. (I love the feeling you after getting rid of a car load of stuff, we still have more to clear out, but I was pleased with what I got done!) I also did the sewing and cutting I needed for my two swaps I had signed up for, so I didn't start any of the books for my challenges I had signed up for until Sunday night. I only got a few chapters in, but I am excited to read "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" by Anne Bronte. Now I don't expect to get through it in a few days, like I did with the Twilight books, because reading that much isn't really healthy, it was ALL I could think about, and I have too many other things I like to fill my time with...but I do hope to make good time, because I have a ton of reading to do this year!!


Big news!!!!
(Well, OK, not really that exciting, but I am excited!)
My name was drawn as a winner for some cute Maverick Star quilt squares that a fellow blogger made, but decided she didn't want. I am excited to get them and see what I can do with them! I think my luck is changing!
All those little childhood scars of trying so hard and coming away a loser from the Hokey-Pokey at the skating rink are being smoothed over with some fabulous wins here in blogland!!


Also, I know I just posted about a giveaway yesterday, but I saw one today that is adorable, and I get 5 EXTRA CHANCES at winning if someone comments on her blog and says I sent you there...so if you get the time, please swing by here and leave a comment and mention that I sent you that way!! (It is open through Thursday.)
Also there is a chance to win a gift certificate for Dayspring here. The Nester, over at Nesting Place, is hosting a giveaway from Dayspring for a $50 gift certificate to be used on a customized sign by Danielson Designs. Very cute! Check it out here.

Have a FANTABULOUS Tuesday!


Josh'sWif said...

Isn't Twilight wonderful?? I read all of the books within a week. Once I started them, I just couldn't stop! I do love the everything turned out. I can't wait to see the next few movies come out, althought nothing onscreen can beat the descriptions in the books in my opinion...but they're still great!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

ha ha ha!! Yes I was just SURE I wasn't interested in Twilight myself. Then when out of boredom and a desire to REAd I picked them up and couldn't put them down. Read the entire series in a weekend. I know...sad!!
The Host I liked even better. Now I only listened to it on my ipod. But I really enjoyed it. I think I'd say I liked it even better then Twilight. I look forward to reading more of what she comes up with!!

I'll go over to that giveaway for you in a bit.

Monica said...

Same here. I was determined not to read them... and then once I started ... I couldn't stop.

(check out Stephanie Meyer's website and read the extact/first draft of Midnight Sun... I'll say no more...)

And what's worse I've read them all more than once!